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    Euro conversion rate

    Why has the Euro weakened so much against the £? A few weeks ago, the Euro was about 93p. Now it's less than 85p. All the naysayers said that Brexit would mean a weaker £. So why has the opposite happened?
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    Thank goodness It's about time.
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    TB test - why the neck?

    Following on from the thread on where to inject sheep, why do we use the neck when administering the TB test in cattle? When a beast is in a crush, the neck is the least accessible part of its body, it moves its head backwards and forwards and the Vet is sometimes in danger of injury. I...
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    Farm Assurance survey

    Only farmers should vote. I should have put this on the 'agriculture' thread, which I'll do right now. But don't vote twice/
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    Pasture-For-Life beef

    I presume that as far as the consumer is concerned,the term ''Pasture-For-Life'' infers that beef cattle have been grazed on grass for life. Does it exist, or is it just a figment of someone's vivid imagination?
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    Does planting Trees actually deliver carbon capture

    A letter in today's Scottish farmer. If this doesn't work, could someone provide a better link. And could someone provide a precise of the salient points?
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    Sage or wise advice in farming.

    There must be thousands of gems which are worth sharing. For those of you who can recall Sir Alec Douglas Home - or Lord Home: His manager - Andrew Morrow, on his Angus and Douglas Estate in Lanarkshire, and after a period of heavy rain and during a visit by Sir Alec, advised ''If M'Lord...
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    What a mess

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    Covid and farmers

    Most of us with cattle will have been exposed to calves scouring with Rotavirus and Coronavirus. (the calves, not us). We are bound to have picked up a bit of immunity over time, so is there any evidence or reason to suppose that such immunity might also make us less susceptible to Covid 19?
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    Beef Breeds Have a look if you want to be tied up for the whole evening. I have left in on ''Salers'' to be as neutral as possible, but there is a drop-down list of any breed or cross you can think of.
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    Irish Lorries

    There are thousands of Irish Lorries which travel through the UK en-route to the EU. If there are long queues to catch the ferries and to access the tunnel, will UK and Irish Lorries just jostle for position, and will there be enough British Police to keep the peace?
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    Mules are still supreme

    Part of the report from the recent Kirkby Stephen sale of 10,580 Mule Gimmer (ewe) Lambs. :) ''After a couple of years of some sheep producers looking to alternative breeds of sheep, the North of England Mule Gimmer lamb bounces back to prove herself as possibly the most resilient...
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    Prime-lamb sires - ranking.

    Prime lambs, Longtown. 27th August 2020 The following summary, of the sale of 3400 prime lambs, gives a rough idea of rankings of their various sires. Of the dedicated terminal sires, it is clear that Beltex, Texel and Suffolk crosses are way ahead of the rest. Although to be fair, the rest...
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    American spellcheck

    I'm getting irritated by Spellcheck trying to change my immaculate English english into American english. What can I do about it? Neighbour becomes Neighbor, Realise becomes Realize, Arse becomes Erse, etc. And why isn't the Test team called England and Wales rather than just England?
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    Trees on gate posts

    The thread on ''widening gates'' reminds me of our latest forestry project. We have Sitka Spruce trees growing out of the rotting tops of at least two of our gate posts. One of them is about 18'' high and growing. Can anyone beat it? Can I apply for a planting grant?
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    This was posted on ''Off Topic'' by @farmerboy. It was too good not to share here. For Southerners, the accent is somewhere North of Stonehaven, but Chae or someonemight be able to narrow it down
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    Holiday lets

    We have bought an adjacent house, and it has been available for holiday lets since the start of the year. The holiday let is part of the farm business, but no VAT is charged on the rent, and as a consequence, no VAT is reclaimed on running costs. But in addition to the purchase price, there...
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    Suckler cow breeding sales

    Last week's sale in Aberdeen seemed to consist mainly of Simmental cross cows. Yesterday's sale at Carlisle was almost all Limousin crosses. ( and for @Old Tip they were all remarkably quiet). Why would there be such a difference in types, and what are the main types at sales throughout the...
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    Spanners with sequential sizes

    Does anyone sell spanners with different sizes at each end. One with 12mm (jaws) at one end and 13 mm (ring) at the other, then 13 (jaws) and 14 (ring), then 14 (jaws) and 15 (ring), then 15 and 16 etc. The reason is obvious, and if no one has thought of the idea, I hereby patent it and am...
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    £10k business grant.

    If any tenant has applied for, and obtained the above grant ( or even the £25K grant), and the Tenant has not informed the Landlord, is there any other way that the Landlord can find out the details. In many cases, Landlords will have granted rent holidays, and there will obviously be cases...