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    Extra large galvanised water tank wanted.

    Wanted as above and sensible distance from Hereford . Thanks.
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    Ifor williams 12/14ft 510 model with sheep decks .

    Anyone thinking of selling a lightly used one of above pls PM me. Must be genuine with serial nos intact,thanks.
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    Ifor williams 14ft livestock trailer .

    Which is best for above, the tandem axles with bigger wheels and brakes or tri axle with smaller ones ? Both will be with wheels on the outside. Currently running 12 ft boxes and looking at changing one to a 14.
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    New variant covid

    What has been learnt since March as it looks like new strains have entered the UK from abroad? Shouldn't people travel have stopped unless of significant importance until Covid was under control?
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    NH 7.245 Auto V JD6195 Autopowr

    These two seem similar power and weight . Which would be the best performer and most reliable? I'm not interested in brand slagging or loyalty just honest appraisals ,thanks.
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    Simba dtx or similar

    Looking for the new year . Anyone got something tidy on farm they are thinking of selling PM me ,thanks.
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    Agricultural engineer.

    Does any one man band exist in South Herefordhire area? Any pointers gratefully received ,thankyou.
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    Perego 24v Johndeere gator or Jeep.

    Hi has anyone got a very tidy one of these In full working order they might consider selling ? If so can you pls PM me details ,trying to think ahead for something for two little farm friendly girls.
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    BT Openreach problems.

    Various wires too low over entrances ,wires on ground ,old posts just left standing, fibre optics through dead trees the list goes on and on is there any way you can make this terrible outfit take responsibility ? They seem not to care and make it difficult to get hold of anyone to sort...
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    Kramer or new model JCB telehandler.

    Which would people go for and why?
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    Hobbs Parker sale tomorrow

    Anyone going?
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    Simba dtx 3m

    Wanted as above pls PM no dealers cheers
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    120t qualty lime delivered and spread North Herefordshire

    As the title must be Goog quality lime ,thanks.
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    Cocker spaniel young bitch wanted 8months -2years

    Missed out on one still looking . Must be KC registered prefer Choc,red or golden but other colours considered. Circa £1.5-2.5 k depending on dog .
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    Looking for a young cocker spaniel bitch 6m-2y

    Looking for the above must be KC registered and able to be trained . Good price paid for right dog.
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    JD 6155 oil filler cap blowboff

    Saw a bit of oil on side of engine panel,opened bonnet and the engine oil filler cap was mostly missing . Anyone else had one disintegrate?
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    Hi looking for a young fox red lab or golden cocker .

    Hi looking for above ,not in any rush so if your thinking of rehoming PM me details and price ,thanks. Good home assured .
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    Favourite dog and why?

    I had a black and white collie who was intelligent,trustworthy and funny. Unfortunately he met his end with a car and because he was a one off , when the time came i wanted a different type of dog and now have a Huntaway . Nice friendly dog but doesnt have the brains or the character of my old...
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    London transport crammed with commuters as lockdown eases.

    If one looks at the pictures of crowds in close contact on the tube today with very few wearing face masks you have to ask the question whether this government are a bunch of idiotic buffoons. Londoners are obviously of the belief they are immune to Covid 19. You couldn't make it up if you tried!
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    Growing swedes

    Toying with the idea of growing some ,how much of a risk of crop failure ? Is anyone growing them with a companion crop? We've been growing turnips successfully for years just fancy more output! Ideas, thoughts please.