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  1. Dave W

    Bale wrapper remote control upgrade

    Anyone know a rough price to upgrade a I/R remote control to radio?
  2. Dave W

    Set of wheels to fit MF

    Customers tractor just been purchased on turf tyres. Wants to swap to ag tires. MF 4355 Think they should be 34 rear and 24 front
  3. Dave W

    Jones MK12-t baler for spares

    She was in working order when parked up many moons ago so will be a good source of spares. pto shaft and 1 wheel missing. Complete otherwise as far as I know £300
  4. Dave W

    JCB Robot

    I've a customer looking for a tidy robot in gwo if anyone knows of anything
  5. Dave W

    Ingersoll rand 7/71 compressor trouble

    Evenin all. Got an ingersoll rand 7/71 in from a customer. Initially it was in because it wouldn't re start once it has been used. Engine starts perfectly from cold, makes air, revs up etc. But switch it off, let air drain and try to re start and there is some kind of pressure somewhere...
  6. Dave W

    Wiring a Danfoss variable spool

    I've got a gritter with no control box. The disc is hydraulic driven and looks to be variable from the cab presumably for spread width. the danfoss spool has a hirshmann plug with 3 wires. Back in the top/middle which is earth. Then a red and blue to either side. The red is connected to what...
  7. Dave W

    Asda tv advert

    Am I the only one to hate it? the actor they've used just sounds like a moron.
  8. Dave W

    Stolen machine

    This is a genuine asking for a friend. he bought a plant machine 2 years ago from an old boy who'd had it a similar amount of time. My friend knew the vendor to be genuine. he's come to sell it and a buyer turned up today and tried the serial no in the TER register and it's come back as being...
  9. Dave W

    Glasdon gritter quad bike/compact

    Tow along gritter with both cat 1 linkage and drawbar. Ideal for quad bike. Self contained, no power needed £250
  10. Dave W

    Cartabouta trailers

    Anyone got one or know about them? Uk or foreign rebadged?
  11. Dave W

    Tyre size question

    My van has 5-1/2j16h2 rims I need a spare. I've got a tire to match the rest but no rim. found one 5j x 16h. is that the same but 1/2" narrower? will it matter as long as the tire is the same as the rest?
  12. Dave W

    Straw blower and silage bales

    What's everyone's thoughts on silage bales through straw blowers? Everyone I advertise one it's the one thing I get asked "will it do silage?" If like to give an honest answer but I've never used one on silage first hand
  13. Dave W

    Do you name your tractors?

    I've recently been to a place. Pair of brothers, bit backwards maybe but god honest hillbillies. Anyway, everything on the place has got a name. Keith Kubota Walter ransomes There's more but I'm not sure it's ok to repay them. Anyone else do this?
  14. Dave W

    Dad needs a new truck

    Ideas please. dads always run a 2wd single cab pick up. Suits him perfectly. He's retired now but still "potters about". A year ago his Nissan suffered the chassis rot and was scrapped. I persuaded him that a little 4x4 was the way forward as he no longer needed the load space so bought a swb...
  15. Dave W

    Hedgecutter length

    How do manufacturers define lengths? I've often put a tape over say s 5 metre machine but can never actually get it to add up to 5m
  16. Dave W

    Bomford hedgecutter rotor new/unused

    New genuine old Bomford stock. 1.2m rotor.(measured to the end of the centre piece, not the mounting shafts. 40mm end shafts. Don't know what it fits or rough age. What you see is what you get. Please ask for anymore dimensions etc Can be sent on pallet. VAT to add
  17. Dave W

    Folding cooks windrower sledge

    Has anyone come up with an easy way to fold the back half of a cooks sledge over?
  18. Dave W

    New dab radio/hands free

    New van has got a crap hands free via the radio and no dab. do figures we'd upgrade them both. Are any of the hands free any good on any radio? I've never known one be any good. Also seen dedicated hands free systems that plug into stereo aux plug that have dab on them. Only the work van so...
  19. Dave W

    Why are some dealers utter scumbags!

    Bit of a rant. lad in next village just bought a power Harrow from a dealer in Gloucestershire. advertised as a 3m Kuhn. All runs up perfectly blah blah blah. Delivered last week. Turns out to be a 4m which is no good to him. Still got Brown&Co lot no on it. pto is so siezed they had a...
  20. Dave W

    Lawnflite commercial walk behind mowers

    I have 2 commercial spec walk behind mowers for sale with a third available next week. 2014/15 models. made by kaaz in Japan. Sold in uk badges as lawnflite/danarm/Honda. Big heavy cast alloy deck Honda engine Shaft driven rear roller Collector bag. £275each