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  1. yellow belly

    State of your crops?

    How much n was washed away from a sub 2 tonne per ha rape crop cultivated to 200 mm this winter if the wheat crop following was planted in late October
  2. yellow belly

    Winter linseed

    Where in the country drilling date and previous crop I have winter linseed after spring barley notill drilled mid September which had a good layer of snow during the coldest week Avadex but too wet for crawler not drilled as early as I would have liked will be aiming to get it bigger into...
  3. yellow belly

    State of your crops?

    I do think that land that has been continuous combineable for 40 or more years would benefit from some autumn nitrogen in wet years June to January wet especially after a high yielding crop this year the crops following poor rape crops last year ( plenty of residual n ) look brighter green...
  4. yellow belly

    Can hear the Worms moving ?

    To day in a notill field heavy land I could hear what I believe is worms moving up and down their burrows I thought it was the water draining but the drain flow is now virtually stopped so I now think it could be the worms and the soil now has surface cracks about 2 inches down field mole...
  5. yellow belly

    Had the jab yet?

    Having it now or in a months time makes not a lot of difference the lock down will protect you the important thing is to maximise the numbers vaccinated by the end of March another 15 million will see every one over 50 and all vulnerable 18 to 50 year olds the younger looking one could be...
  6. yellow belly

    Covid 19 debt...

    the uks debt may be the highest ever but he interest payments per year as a proportion of national income are the lowest ever so is the debt a much lower problem than in the past pay it off over the next 50 years if because of the debt the economy grows quicker than it would have done...
  7. yellow belly

    Covid Vaccine Roll out.

    500000 more 1st vac yesterday by tonight the uk will be near to 20 million 1st dose vaccinated by the end of March 33million or more
  8. yellow belly

    EU vaccine role out.

    Look back at previous pandemics which relied on getting herd immunity the natural way they lasted 3 to 4 years with many deaths overall if early waves had less deaths than average the later one had more the pre 2000 solution the 21 century solution is vaccination to save early death sars and...
  9. yellow belly

    UK Census

    the government need accurate data to make proper descisions
  10. yellow belly

    EU vaccine role out.

    if the eu people do not use the az vaccine the uk may find that we havea lot more vaccine to give out in april and may so the uk could be vaccinating under 30s before june the vaccine centres in the uk have the capacity to go a lot quicker if they had the vaccine when the uk has completed...
  11. yellow belly

    Are fert spinners that bad?

    i have used an amozone za ts since 2014 very accurate spread pattern with a set of calibration trays so do not need scs saved it cost every year by using urea every field is now smaller than it used to be so we use less fertiliser and the fertiliser is 10p per kg of n cheaper than liquid...
  12. yellow belly

    Combinables Price Tracker

    sedalcol is looking to increase production so could take some of the roquet tonnage the area of planted is still increasing but the flooded out areas could weigh down on yield in my experience well established crops can withstand a lot of wet in winter if it dries up early enough although...
  13. yellow belly

    OSR Damage

    Back in the 1980s we had hard frosts till end of March 6 weeks frost rape recovered to produce a yield but if it has a number of flea beetle it may struggle to produce enough flowers now days
  14. yellow belly

    Combinables Price Tracker

    vivergo opening next year this puts a base in the wheat market ethanol used in uk petrol should have to be produced from a sustainable source uk feed wheat is tracable back to the farmer
  15. yellow belly

    vaccine passport/card

    I have not been free to travel wheat I wanted for a year if we had all been vaccinated this would not have been the case
  16. yellow belly

    vaccine passport/card

    The vaccine is free to every one every one will be able to get the vaccination with no discrimination
  17. yellow belly

    Covid Vaccine Roll out.

    The better weather in South Africa has not prevented it this summer
  18. yellow belly

    vaccine passport/card

    Why any one refuses a vaccination when every one has had multiple vaccination as children it will be impossible to fly with out cruise companies are insisting now it should be mandatory under health and safety legislation to be vaccinated for anyone that meets others when involved with...
  19. yellow belly

    If you think it's bad here.....

    Round here most sheep eat mostly grass or catch crops
  20. yellow belly

    Conspiracy theories