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  1. Ysgythan

    Brecon sale 26/11 Lot 9
  2. Ysgythan

    Beef diversification

    Been advised to sell the sheep and go into beef. What breed would you suggest?
  3. Ysgythan

    Another EBV thread

    The top index Texel ram lamb 2020. Posted without comment.
  4. Ysgythan

    Hereford Texel NSA Replacement Sale 19/9 11am

    Anybody going? Anybody seen it promoted?
  5. Ysgythan

    Texel shearling

    Open to offers. Worked as a lamb. April born crossbred lambs averaging £98. video available but haven’t got the skills to upload it here.
  6. Ysgythan

    What is this?

    Been here 50 years, any ideas of what model it is/rough value? I’m 44 and can’t remember the last time it was used/attempted to be used. Plate says either I C: 2 or O C: 2. Does that make sense?
  7. Ysgythan


    Estimated Learning Values, or modulated estimated grades. Or take what teachers say and try standardise it through a computer program. Leads to a monumental fudge up that pleases nobody except the few over achievers who played the system. Sounds strangely familiar.
  8. Ysgythan


    Going to put this up for sale on Facebook. After some genuine advice from the experts on what to ask. Drove it in there but that was years ago now. 1960 Dexta.
  9. Ysgythan


    Ram lambs Ewe lambs Shearling ewes Shearling tup available off farm. “Grass +” system
  10. Ysgythan

    What makes you happy?

    Weaning 189% 35-55kg out of our pedigree stock tups.
  11. Ysgythan

    All in the head...

    Newsflash - man trolls an entire forum...
  12. Ysgythan


    It appears the Scottish Farmer is trolling an entire breed. “That bottom one’s the best Charollais ever!” :joyful:
  13. Ysgythan

    Covid-19: sack or back recording?

    Breeders - In a year of marketing uncertainty can you justify the cost? Or is this the last year you should get rid of any sort of data provision? Are Signet even going to be allowed to go farm to farm backfat scanning? Buyers - if you haven’t been that involved in selection based on EBVs do...
  14. Ysgythan

    Ewe lambs

    8 Texel x Mule off to Brecon Mart today
  15. Ysgythan

    In lamb ewes

    MV accredited crossbreds - Welsh Mules, Texel x Welsh Mule, Suffolk x Scotch Mule - mixed ages shearling to full mouth. 1 triplet 2 single 6 twin tupped 30/10 - 4/11 to a Texel. Up to date with: Enzovax Toxovax Heptavac P
  16. Ysgythan

    Brecon Sale

    Catalogue Facebook page - “DTBC In Lamb Sale”
  17. Ysgythan

    Ram suggestions

    Scenario - 50 ewes. Mainly Welsh Mules. About 10 Texel x Welsh Mules. 4 second cross Texel Welsh Mules. Two Suffolk x Scotch Mules. One Lleyn (showing a fair bit of Texel if I’m honest). Ewes range in age from yearlings to brokers but the majority are younger ewes. Will be implanted with pure...
  18. Ysgythan

    Pair of Texel ram lambs

    March born Been fed but on grass only currently £300 for the pick or £575 the pair One is my daughters’ so be kind... :joyful:
  19. Ysgythan

    Silver Dorking

    Cockerel wanted. Any age considered. South Wales preferably.
  20. Ysgythan

    Bang on trend

    Bang on trend: Smart Head up Late born For sale