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  1. dgjeynes

    Front loader for John Deere 6810

    Looking for a largish loader to go on my 6810. Ideally a quicke q75/6 or Mx 412 or equivalent John Deere loader
  2. dgjeynes

    Recommend me a steam cleaner

    Looking to purchase a steam cleaner needs to be single phase not budget but not top end. Just for general cleaning not used everyday. With a decent warranty
  3. dgjeynes

    Quicke brackets

    Anybody know if quicke brackets off a John Deere 6520 will be a straight fit onto a 6810? Been looking for a s/h loader and found this one be ideal if it’ll fit
  4. dgjeynes

    Loader to fit on John Deere 6810.

    Ideally want a mx or John Deere 3rd service and soft ride.
  5. dgjeynes

    New tyres for 6810 deere

    Currently has 16.9 38 and 14.9 24 but want to go wider. Looking at 520/70 38 and 480/70 24? I think those will work but not 100% sure. Will need wider front rims but rears are fine. Will be going down the vredistein route
  6. dgjeynes

    External pto switch retro fit on 6810 deere

    Is it possible to retro fit a pto switch onto these old Deere’s? I do a lot of tanking and it’d be nice not that have to keep climbing in/out the cab to switch pto on and off. Not sure if it’s just a case of getting the switch and plugging it in
  7. dgjeynes

    Wiring second beacon on jd 6810

    Best way to go about wiring a second beacon on my 6810? Not sure how John Deere would do it. Whether they run wiring back down to the fuse or cut and splice into the existing wiring. Advice please
  8. dgjeynes

    Jd 6810 fans

    So I had no fans working. Taken the seat out freed them both up but only one fan runs. I’ve no power to the right hand fan at all and I’ve only got positions off 2,3 and 4 no position 1. Any suggestions?
  9. dgjeynes

    Zuidberg front pto leaking

    Have a leak on my pto pack just switched it on to find oil pouring out of the little hole to the left of this plug any help please
  10. dgjeynes

    John Deere 6810 transmission sucking screen

    Anybody any idea where I need to look to find it? Want to pull it out and clean as I suspect it’s partially blocked
  11. dgjeynes

    Vapormatic immobiliser keypad

    Anyone fitted one themselves? Easy enough to do?
  12. dgjeynes

    Which loader for John Deere 6810?

    Half looking for a loader to go on my 6810. Not sure what make/model to go with. Was mainly thinking either a John Deere or quicke.
  13. dgjeynes

    130-150hp tractor

    Looking for a tractor with either a loader or front linkage and suspension. 40k is fine. Around 20k + vat
  14. dgjeynes

    John Deere 6410,6610 or 6810

    Looking for one of the above preferably with a loader and tls would travel for the right one
  15. dgjeynes

    Recommend me a decent slurry stirrer

    On the look out for either a tidy second hand or new lagoon stirrer ideally around the 8/9m length have only really used storth which I like but finding one is a nightmare. Located near Gloucester.
  16. dgjeynes

    Bkt 15.0/55 - 17 tyre problems

    Anybody had problems with these tyres? We’ve got them on our Marshall trailers they’re about 6 years old and having cracking issues and bulges on the inside.
  17. dgjeynes

    Kuhn hr 250 bed oil/grease

    Looking to figure how to check the gear bed oil on a Kuhn hr250 we’ve just acquired
  18. dgjeynes

    Wanted 8 stud trailer axle or commercial axle

    Looking for either an 8 stud axle or a commercial axle near to tewkesbury glos. Brakes need to work or be in a fit state to get working easily for a project.
  19. dgjeynes

    Jd 6800 3/4 return

    Where can I plumb a 3/4 return into the trans on our 6800, need one to run my post knocker on
  20. dgjeynes

    Landini 6c V shift

    Anybody running one? Looked at the 6c 145 at Lamma and was very impressed with overall build quality and finish, currently trying to find a demo with my local dealer.