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  1. zsnotdead

    New telehandler tyres

    I'm needing to reboot my jcb310s with new tyres,I'm looking at new Michelin tyres at about 3k,should I consider the semi industrial type tyre at approximately £100 / set more expensive. Are there any cheaper alternatives which offer better value for money than Michelin. I must admit the...
  2. zsnotdead

    Jd 6000 series and 10 series

    Where have all the 6000 and 10 series John deeres gone,very hard to find one for sale,you can nearly get more of the older 50 series for sale,good 10 series very hard to find
  3. zsnotdead

    Worming dairy cows

    Is there any advantage to worming cows at drying off time,would 1st calf heifers do any better with worming at drying off. Would it only reduce the cows natural immunity to worms . Never wormed cows before or seen the need
  4. zsnotdead

    Rotavirus question

    If I took a sample of dung from a healthy calf will it contain rotavirus
  5. zsnotdead

    Feeding antibiotic milk to calves

    What if any are the effects of feeding fresh milk containing various antibiotics to calves.has it any adverse effects on good bugs in the calfs stomach. Does it have any negative or positive effects on calf scour,
  6. zsnotdead

    Jcb 310 pivot bushen

    Has anyone changed this bushen. Any pics. Once the drop box is out does the bush go in from inside or outside. I think I can do this with out undoing all hyd pipes???. Told it's a 2k job. Weve rebushed a matbo before. It's on standby for feeding so no big rush on completing the job
  7. zsnotdead

    Twins and fertility

    I've a cow had twins . A bull and a heifer. The heifer is red and white. The bull b and w. Is the heifer fertile. What are the odds of 2 heifers as twins. I have it at 1 in 4 as you can have HH HB BH BB. Or is it 1 in 3 HH BH BB
  8. zsnotdead

    Quickie loaders

    Looking at a 2and hand quickie loader. It come with this joystick. Is it trouble as it looks complicated
  9. zsnotdead

    Turbines. Another fine mess????
  10. zsnotdead

    2015 Jd 6130r

    Looking at a 2015 6130r 4500hrs. Any issues I need to look out for. Tractor has a loader fitted.tls 50k. Tia
  11. zsnotdead

    Case puma x

    What is a case puma x. I guess it's how much. Looks well speced to me but what's the difference. Mud guards are smaller but that hardly a large saving
  12. zsnotdead

    Brand new old liners

    I recently ordered 20 sets of liners.when the box arrived I immediately was drawn to how yellow the stickers were on the box. Turned out they were 8 years old manufactured in 2012. I reordered a new set of liners from an online company in ireland.brand new manufactured in 2020. I subsequently...
  13. zsnotdead

    Jcb 310s gearbox

    I've a 2012 310s. It's a great shovel for the yard but ifs big let down is on the road. It has to be driven at full speed to avoid the constant automatic changing gears. The gear change is harsh compared to my old 628. Is there any modification or updates for the gearbox. Is there anyway to...
  14. zsnotdead

    Tyres walls. Silo

    Anyone using truck tyre walls to cover their silos. Are they any good. I cover with lorry tyres but they are hard to work with and slow. Can your own supply of tyres be made into tyre walls.are they heavy enough
  15. zsnotdead

    Liner slippage

    Seem to be getting more liner slippage since I updated the parlour with new pulsation and acrs. I thought it was more to do with liner bore. I'm on a medium bore liner,always have been but dont want to go to small incase I get 1 problem solved at the expense of another. Could a change in...
  16. zsnotdead

    Turbine insurance

    Trying to get the turbines insurance. They wont quote until you supply availability data for last 12 months and a report of work done at the refurbishment stage. They gave us a rough idea. A five fold increase on last year and that because we havent had a claim since the were commissioned 6 +...
  17. zsnotdead

    Trimble ez guide 250

    Are there any simple tips for the use of a ez 250. I've only used it once .there seems to be a slight delay on screen when I reach the headland. I simply couldn't rely solely on the guide I'm only showing fertiliser
  18. zsnotdead

    Painting galvanized steel

    I got an extension made for my fert sower si it can hold 3 600kg bags but it was mistakenly galvanized. It's a new sower and I wanted it painted.what prep work needs to be done so I can paint the new galvanised extension
  19. zsnotdead

    Samsung a40 problem

    I've had 4 a40s samsung on contract and each have developed a problem with the ear piece volume disappearing during a call, is this a common problem, has it happened to anyone else
  20. zsnotdead


    Is it worth dumping money into a pension as a tax saving measure or will the tax ultimately be paid at the end. My only reservation of money in a pension is it tied up. How likely is it that the tax allowance on pensions will be reduced in future