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    Joep Driessen - worth a watch

    This one is 'Live Only' like the Neil Chesterton one was. Definitely worth watching, Joep is really interesting!
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    Neil Chesterton webinar

    Thought this was worth flagging. He is the nicest bloke you could ever meet. Expect it may get fully booked.
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    Fence Energisers for vermin

    I am busily setting up breeding pens for my gamebirds. I have always used old sheep battery energisers to keep foxes and cats out but I had a disaster last year (they are on very uneven ground and a fox got into a large pen) and with one of them now knackered - I’m ready to consider something...
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    Creeping buttercup

    I have some ground (grassland) that is badly infested with creeping buttercup. It needs to be organic as it is rented and there's an agreement for sharing fodder so no money will change hands. Are there any good ways to weaken the buttercup and allow the grass to outcompete it? I can spread...
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    Christmas trees

    I was wondering if anybody could give me advise on growing Christmas trees. I have a little awkward 0.5 acre patch of SDA land that is stony and currently just has a few sheep on. I was wondering if I could grow Christmas trees on it and if so, how many and what sort of growth rate/return could...
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    Bull calves

    How do I persuade someone to set up a little bull calf enterprise? The problem we have always had is the big companies will take the best calves or will make promises and then not collect for 2 weeks - cost falls to us. I'd much rather set up an agreement with someone locally who could take...
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    Working Collie pups

    Hi all, Litter of working collie pups. I think there are 5 dogs left. The dam bitch, Skye, was sired by Rosewood Will (Dick Roper) winner of 2016 One Man and his Dog. Who in turn was sired by Spot 2015 English National Champion (Dick Roper). The sire is a Welsh bred dog with a name (I just...
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    Cattle handling rattles/flags

    Where could I get some of these from? I’ve seen people using a flag on a stick or a rattle on a paddle for moving cattle and I wouldn’t mind trying it. Any ideas?
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    Roussin sale Carlisle 26th Sept

    (Mods feel free to move if not allowed). The Roussin sale is this weekend with Harrison and Hetherington. Only 56 lots forward but some good quality and plenty of rams with figures. Online bidding available, animals fit for export. Some examples below.
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    Is this Japanese Knotweed?

    This shrub is about 6-7ft and I always think the leaves look like Japanese Knotweed. Is anybody on here able to identify it?
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    Carlisle Roussin Sale 26th Sept

    This Harrison and Hetherington Sale is currently ON. I have had a lot of calls over the last week about it so thought I would put something up here. No catalogue yet but we will see a few extra breeders there this year.
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    Roussin Shearling tups available

    Performance recorded, MV accredited. Indexes are 191 and 202 and sit in the top 1% of the breed. based in Herefordshire. Message me for more details.
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    Straw-lime-water bedding

    Has anybody tried using this in deep beds? Interested to see what it is like as an alternative to sand.... sand will not work for a digestor.
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    WOPA box for beef cows

    Does anybody use a WOPA box for foot trimming beef cattle? Are they man enough for the odd mental one?
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    Quail advice

    We are down to our last solitary hen quail. She calls like mad at dawn and dusk. Should I get her a friend or leave her until she snuffs it? As I recall, it isn't easy to introduce new birds to the same pen as they fight like mad. I also read that they shouldn't really be kept on their own.
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    Mixing dogs

    I have a home to a collie dog (neutered, albeit late). He was a failed worker but he was fine with my sheep... not good but fine if you know what I mean. He is quite needy, he has become my shadow. He spent the first few weeks not coming near anybody so I built his confidence and now he is...
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    For farmers in a dire situation

    Thought this webinar would be worth a look tomorrow. 1pm
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    Stirling Bull Sales - anyone going?

    I just wondered if anyone was heading up to Stirling Bull Sales from somewhere much further south. I have a tup that I need to get to someone who is selling bulls at the sales and just figured it could work out well. Happy to cross palms with silver.
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    Roussin in lamb females for sale

    The Society has some in lamb shearlings available for sale. All in lamb to a high index tup. Various prices but a £250 average Ewe lambs available at £150 All pedigree
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    Noisy neighbours

    I live in a semi detached. I sometimes wonder if I’m getting a bit grumpy in my old age. Is it acceptable for next door to be doing Karaoke and/or screaming at the top of their voice after 11.30pm at night and way past midnight? I went round this morning to point out I could hear them and it...