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  1. Renaultman

    Amazone sprayer through Trimble 750

    Good afternoon all. Is anyone running an Amazone sprayer using a Trimble 750 as an Isobus terminal (if that makes sense)? Everyone I have talked to thinks it possible but I'm yet to find anyone who has done it. TIA Tony
  2. Renaultman

    Shared water supply problem Northumbrian water

    Hi all. Our water is supplied by Northumbrian water and the meter is over a mile away, with the pipe running across our land. There are 2 properties that have their own (Northumbrian water meters) and 4 with our own meters which we charge from The issue is, Northumbrian water are charging for...
  3. Renaultman

    Cone and pin weld on brackets

    Has any one got a good source for them, they seem to have got a bit expensive. TIA Tiny
  4. Renaultman

    Richard Western hydraulic tail door problem

    Bloody thing won't open, suspect it may be the valve that won't allow it to open when the body is down. Trailer not a year old yet, anyone got any ideas please? TiA Tony
  5. Renaultman

    Compound, N Compound, Straights, other Polysulphate etc, or nothing foliar feed.

    As a lot of you know I have been trying to build fertility and OM and reduce 'bagged' compound use. I have used nothing but Polysulpjhate and Calfos with OM for the last 4 years last year topped up with foliar K which I will happily do again. Any way results are back again this year and similar...
  6. Renaultman

    Late 2nd wheat or oats?

    I have a field that might, just might, be fit to drill at the back end of the week. It is down for oats but am starting to wonder what yield I might hope for from a 2nd wheat? It is only a small stupid field and would bring it back in to the same rotation as the bigger one beside it. Thoughts...
  7. Renaultman

    Early Nitrogen for tillering

    It's been a while since I have come out of a winter with wheat that needs thickening. Normally my high seed rates mean the opposite. Some of the late drilled stuff on contract land is s bit thin though. Normally we would roll, allow it to recover then N then BWS or vice versa. Obviously rolling...
  8. Renaultman

    Class 6030 CP lowering slowly

    As per title. Normally she is really quick, up and down but it is really slow at the moment and hardly works at all in float or when auto boom suspension kicks in, it's slightly better in standard but still not right. Anyone had similar and solved it, am guessing at check valve or maybe even...
  9. Renaultman

    The FARMING forum (meaning farmer input from anywhere globally)

    Truly inspired IMHO it is great to read of others trials, tribulations and triumphs from around the globe. Long may it continue. P.S. Does that make me a globophile rather than a europhile?
  10. Renaultman

    Mirrors New Holland TM etc.

    Has anyone fitted the newer integrated normal/wide angle mirrors to an older TM? Had a CASE on hire this harvest and I was seriously impressed with comparison to what we currently have.
  11. Renaultman

    Vaderstad rapid ribbed tyres

    Does anyone have a source for them or better still some in the back of a shed they don't need any more and would part with cheap? My tyre man says they are dealer only :(
  12. Renaultman

    Come the revolution

    Weather forecasters will be first against the wall. :mad:
  13. Renaultman

    NH TX 65 advice

    Good evening all, cutting rape with my TX 65, I set the secondary beater to low speed and everything going alright but every now and then it is giving an alarm, particularly if I drop header a bit and feed a bit more straw through. Drum is ok, don't want to go to high speed as there is a bit of...
  14. Renaultman

    Tour de France. 2019

    Not sure whether to start this here or health and fitness? Over for the grand depart and staying over for a few days. Been great, now watching in a bar in Bruges, dry here and looks dry there. Not as much Barley cut as I expected.
  15. Renaultman

    FYM on growing crop

    As the title. It kind of looks like it's allowed, for now, I would never contemplate it but fields are fairly dry and frost might be back soon. So the questions are Will I get a better benefit applying a less well rotted, fresher manure onto a growing crop than incorporating in the Autumn? Am I...
  16. Renaultman

    New Holland CSX7080 Thoughts please

    Just asking for a friend who has lost his Log in details Good points, bad points? How much will one cut 4t crop of wheat in a 10 hour day please? TIA Tony
  17. Renaultman

    Straw in the swath North East

    What is everyone charging N Yorks Durham area Wheat barley and OSR in the swath please.
  18. Renaultman

    Massey 9306 telehandler info

    As per title anyone know anything about them? @ACEngineering and the usual suspects please?
  19. Renaultman

    Drills: KRM - Suffolk coulters

    Drills: KRM - Suffolk coulters Category: Drills Manufacturer: KRM Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: KRM / Suki Suffolk Coulter's, taken off 4m drill. On pallet ready to go, not all the depth bars or springs there Images: See the full size images for this listing on the...
  20. Renaultman

    Rolland V2 160 TCE spreader

    Afternoon all, I have finally found and bought a spinning disc spreader and got it into the yard this afternoon. It's a bit older than I would have like but seems well cared for. I emailed Rolland asking if there was any chance of getting an operators manual and was very pleased to get a...