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  1. Limcrazy

    Whats it worth

    Thinking of selling my avatar (John Deere 3350 2 wheel drive) Wondering what's it worth? All original paint except mudguards which were professionally patched and sprayed. Always stored inside. 9999 hours Everything working. Cab origional.
  2. Limcrazy

    Best beef cross on purebred limousin cows/heifers Aubrac? Saler?

    Does anyone on the forum have any first hand experience of Aubrac bulls? Thinking of buying one to cross with purebred limousin cows in the hope of easier calving and breeding maternal heifers. Main concerns would be compromised growth rates, temperament
  3. Limcrazy

    Hereford bull

    I'm thinking of buying a Hereford bull to serve near pure bred limousin heifers and cows with the intention of qualifying for my local meat plant's Hereford scheme. Hoping ease of calving, polled calves, docile stock, hybrid vigour would be the positives. Negatives of poor grades, lower...