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    Roof sheets

    We are going to over sheet a couple of sheds with .7 plastisol coated sheets need 90 sheets from 4500 to 5300 long, who is best price atm
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    Why is it only the english who are racist

    Last night I watched a programme with romesh ranganathan about the scottish isles, it was very interesting, but the guy who took him round who was a crofter mentioned several times that he didnt want too many visitors or new immigrants as it would destroy their way of life. At the end of the...
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    Concrete panels

    Anyone bought any 20 ft 100mm panels lately? I have a neighbour who needs a couple of our spare ones and need to know what they are worth
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    Oval holes

    Need to drill some oval holes, about 10 or 12mm diameter and about 20 mm long so not huge, would normally but file two holes together but this is for a house project so needs to be done nicely, is there anything that could do it ? We have pillar and mag drills that could be used with the right...
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    Nozzle to pipe adaptors.

    Looking to make a liquid fert set up for our drill, but cant find anyone on the net who sells bits that fit into normal nozzle bodies that have a spigot to push a pipe onto, also restricted discs to control the flow , any ideas, tried usual outlets and simpers online shop etc
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    soil temp

    have dd in the autumn for a couple of years but this will be first attempt in the spring, Wheat and Barley, what soil temp should I be looking at before I think about getting it done? everyone seems to think it must be warmer than for "normal" drilling