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  1. Lazy Sod

    HSBC “safeguarding”

    One of my neighbours happened to mention, in conversation, that he had changed to Handlesbanken and was very pleased with them.
  2. Lazy Sod

    Divorce and the family farm

    Now that the thread has been reserected, would you care to update us on your current situation? @kfpben
  3. Lazy Sod

    generators direct

    Buy a quality British made Stephill generator. I have a 8Kva one with a Honda self starting Honda engine. it's a super machine.
  4. Lazy Sod


    3 years ago I had a 3 tooth bridge supported on 2 implants, total cost £5K. As I won't tolerate visible gaps or dentures, it had to be done. I can't see the NHS giving that sort of treatment to all who would want it, it would cost far too much.
  5. Lazy Sod

    Recurring Dreams

    After starting this thread I remember my late father telling me that he dreamed once that he had a pig in a sty and that he forgot to feed it for so long that it was extreemly emaciated. The guilt woke him up.
  6. Lazy Sod

    Recurring Dreams

    I'll have you know that all my ancestors were Wiltshire peasants.
  7. Lazy Sod

    Recurring Dreams

    I thought afterwards that some scot or northener would say that, perhaps I should have said the end of May.
  8. Lazy Sod

    Recurring Dreams

    Do other members have reccurring dreams? I woke up from one this morning which was a bit troubling and was relieved to find that it was not real. In this one, I suddenly realised that I hadn't done any spring drilling, spraying or ferilizing and it was mid April. The original one on this theme...
  9. Lazy Sod

    EU: open borders, or else...

    Pray tell a secondary modern schoolboy, @Danllan, what evades (with accents) means. How do you type the accents with an English keyboard anyway?
  10. Lazy Sod

    Trebuchet build

    Colin doesn't seem to paint a lot of his stuff.
  11. Lazy Sod

    New farm, the journey begins!

    Why do you want a new house, your existing one looks alright?
  12. Lazy Sod


    I thought that nobody had the right to not be offended.
  13. Lazy Sod

    Best WW2 film?

    The Battle of Britain Ice Cold In Alex The latter was one of the many films that I saw in the cinema, that is now Salisbury City Hall, when I skived off football and cricket when I was at the further education college between 1959 and 1961.
  14. Lazy Sod

    Sequesting carbon

    What exactly do you have to do @Clive on your farm in exchange for carbon credit money?
  15. Lazy Sod

    The Light Aviation Thread

    Relating to my post #534, does anyone know if the Irish CAA has an equilavent to G-INFO?
  16. Lazy Sod

    Who "owns" the carbon on a farm? Landlord or tenant?

    Oh dear. If agents have to go round getting down on their knees to take soil samples, they'll get their red trousers dirty.
  17. Lazy Sod

    Handforth Parish Council

    I see that they're at it again. Eight or so years ago I went to a parish council meeting, when something contraversial was being considered. Before the meeting started, it was anounced by the clerk, that any member of public who wished to speak about anything on the agenda could have up to 3...
  18. Lazy Sod

    Sequesting carbon

    Carbon offsetting is nothing but a fig leaf.
  19. Lazy Sod

    The British Pound

    I think that I may still have an old silver truppeny bit somewhere. It was smaller than the flat sided one that followed it.
  20. Lazy Sod

    The British Pound

    Wat annoys me is when people say "one pence". Ffs, pence is plural, what they should say is "one penny". Another thing is that people say "two pence" and "three pence". Technically correct of course but It was always pronounced " tuppence" and "thruppence".