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  1. Lazy Sod

    Recurring Dreams

    Do other members have reccurring dreams? I woke up from one this morning which was a bit troubling and was relieved to find that it was not real. In this one, I suddenly realised that I hadn't done any spring drilling, spraying or ferilizing and it was mid April. The original one on this theme...
  2. Lazy Sod

    Handforth Parish Council

    I see that they're at it again. Eight or so years ago I went to a parish council meeting, when something contraversial was being considered. Before the meeting started, it was anounced by the clerk, that any member of public who wished to speak about anything on the agenda could have up to 3...
  3. Lazy Sod

    Wellington Boots Alternative

    I've hardly worn wellies for probably 15 years or so, preferring rigger boots, and latterly, dealer boots. Thinking that I could use some wellies ocasionally, I bought some. The trouble is that I can't get them on because of my swollen ankles. My doctor has told me that, in my case, the...
  4. Lazy Sod

    New Member's User Names

    If a new member's user name consists of 2 or more words and they enter it without spaces between them and it consists of more characters than there is space for, the extra characters appear on the 2nd line. It just looks silly. On the entry page, why aren't new member advised to enter their...
  5. Lazy Sod

    Wild Harvest, A 1947 Film

    I've always had a memory of seeing on TV, a black and white American feature film when I was boy in the 1950s, about a custom combining outfit that moved from the south to the north of the USA harvesting grain. It starred Alan Ladd and was just like a cowboy film, complete with a chuck wagon...
  6. Lazy Sod

    The Spellchecker

    The spellchecker here is speaking american English, can it be changed to real English?
  7. Lazy Sod

    Alexa Gets It Wrong

    Amazon overloaded with orders.
  8. Lazy Sod

    Samsung Sablet Charging Socket.

    I've just bought a Samsung TB A (2019) tablet and the charging socket is different. I've had their phones and tablets for years and any of my charging cables fitted all of the devices. What is this nonsense?
  9. Lazy Sod

    Porn Hub

    I see that Visa and Mastercard are going to stop accepting payments to Porn Hub. What's @Bald Rick going to do? Haha.
  10. Lazy Sod

    Amazon Rant

    I don't know if it's just me, but I find it impossible to buy anything from Amazon without accidentally signing up for Amazon Prime. I don't want it. I don't buy enough to be worth having the free delivery and I don't want the tv service. it's all american films and the Grand Tour clowns...
  11. Lazy Sod

    Wye Valley

    I understand that the E.A. are getting exercised about a lot of soil run off coming from maize fields in the Wye valley. A case of too much maize grown in the wrong place?
  12. Lazy Sod

    Covid Idiots

    My BIL lives in Walton on Thames, Surry. They're is now in a tier 2 area, so Mrs BIL couldn't go and visit her daughter and grandchildren yesterday. Meanwhile my BIL's next door neighbour and the one opposite both had lots of people round for lunch.
  13. Lazy Sod

    Value of Standing Grass

    I know someone who is not a farmer but has 15 acres of grassland. For many years a local small dairy farmer has come in and had 2 or 3 cuts per year from it. He mows, bales (5' rounds), wraps and takes it away. The owner does allow the farmer, who hasn't much storage, to spread his fresh...
  14. Lazy Sod

    Former Farming Forums

    I must be spending too much time on the forum because last night I had a dream about it. When I first had the internet in 2000, I joined the FWI forum. Eventually I moved on to one which I can't remember the name of, but in about 2013 suddenly shut down. This I think, is what prompted @Clive...
  15. Lazy Sod

    Peripheral Neopithy

    Does anyone have peripheral neopithy?
  16. Lazy Sod

    Who is Lord Muck

    Who is Lord Muck on Youtube? I'm intrigued, particularly with his aviation activities.
  17. Lazy Sod

    Electric Cars

    Mrs LS was pushing a heavy shopping trolley up the slope of Morrisons car park this morning and a car immediately behind her blew it's horn. She nearly jumped out of her skin as she had no idea that it was there. I thought that when electric cars were in their infancy, there was talk of them...
  18. Lazy Sod

    Roger Evans

    I used to enjoy reading Roger Evans weekly column in The Western Daily Press about his farming life, but it stopped many months ago. I know that it was printed in many other papers. I believe that his dairy farm is up in the welsh borders some where. I was wondering if somebody from up tha...
  19. Lazy Sod

    Trumps Vast Knowledge

    I see that Trump has said the 1917 influenza pandemic brought about the ending of the first world war. It didn't and it was 1918 anyway. I suggest that he be given a new history book and when he has coloured it in, he could get another one.
  20. Lazy Sod

    Wasp Nest

    I have a stable block consisting of 3 stables and I keep my ride on mower in one of them. We only use the stables for storage. I went to get the mower out this morning and as soon as I opened the top half of the door, I was in a cloud of wasps so I left quickly, leaving the door open. I know...