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  1. RAF

    Tank mixes

    Looking to mix feeder k ,optE B and optE man all togeather . Each 2 L/Ha . Agronomist is worried they might go gloopy ? Any one done this ? Don’t fancy glueing sprayer up Thanks
  2. RAF

    Sugar beet

    Approx 60 tons off sugar beet , £25/ ton ONO . No long required as change of diet Rugeley WS15 3NP James 07967010108
  3. RAF

    Feeding urea

    Currently feeding crimp barley , beans and fodder beet to B&W bulls , running out off beans so has been suggested feed just crimp barley and a urea based product . 1 Ton barley to 50kg of the urea product , is anyone doing this ? I am not over keen on urea but they tell me it’s the bees knees ...
  4. RAF

    Surge winter barley

    1 Ton surplus . Ws15 3np
  5. RAF

    Korte crimped 700hd

    2016 model £12000
  6. RAF

    Crimp barley

    Currently feed B&W bulls , crimp barley mixed with protein blend and chopped hay , seams to be a lot of grain going through them . Is this normal as feeding a high amount ? Plenty straw bedding chew to on and all the grain has been cracked , Just wondering tia
  7. RAF

    Feed wheat

    Approx 45 Ton feed wheat , 15%, no farm assurance . Public weigh bridge 2 miles away . £175/ton payment on weight Thanks
  8. RAF

    Super flow

    30 ton super flow delivered to WS15
  9. RAF

    Row crop rim for Bateman

    Long shot , just had rim split on sprayer , 320/85 r36 Would anyone have or know of one we could hire or buy tomorrow Nr Stafford , keep us going , Bateman have one but didn’t really want run down there to get it ! Thanks
  10. RAF

    Fodder beet

    Any half decent fodder beet still about ?
  11. RAF


    Anyone using it much ? Been using in barley ration for B&W bulls , seams expensive . Is it worth it ???
  12. RAF

    Calcifert vs Gypson

    Fields are high in mag and locking P&K up , what would be best product ? Calcifert is cheaper although is it a one year wonder ? Anyone used either ? Tia
  13. RAF

    Livestock Handling Equipment: Other - 12 foot

    Livestock Handling Equipment: Other - 12 foot Category: Livestock Handling Equipment Manufacturer: Other Price: £1500 Condition: Used Description: Graham Edwards livestock box . Pull out decks ,2 dividing gates . Trailer chassis not for sale at the moment . James 0796010108 Images: See...
  14. RAF

    Drills: Kuhn -

    Drills: Kuhn - Category: Drills Manufacturer: Kuhn Price: Open to offers Condition: Used Description: Marker discs to fit Kuhn powerharrow complete with fittings hydraulic pipes and sensors This post was automatically created via
  15. RAF

    Barley and Defy

    Barley had been up 2 weeks , when i sprayed it with crystal and defy post em, was meant go on pre em but I missed it. Agronomist said it would be fine , 6 weeks ago it looked sick but he said it would recover. Now snow has lifted this afternoon it looks like its been roundup. Other barley that...
  16. RAF

    Rollers: Borello - 14

    Rollers: Borello - 14 Category: Chain harrows Manufacturer: Borello Price: £500 Condition: Used Description: Mounted chain harrows This post was automatically created via
  17. RAF

    Drills: Accord - DA

    Drills: Accord - DA Category: Drills Manufacturer: Accord Price: £7000 Condition: Used Description: Kevernland accord 3 meter combi disc drill This post was automatically created via
  18. RAF

    Clad and concrete chemical store

    Looking for a quote to clad existing building and concrete floor, also putting sump tank in middle . Fitting roller shutter door . 20 ft by 45 ft . Ws153np 07967010108 Thanks James
  19. RAF

    hybred rye

    Has anyone 500 kg of hilltop forage rye ? thanks
  20. RAF

    Wanted tb restricted F/H steers

    looking for 30-50 steers 5 mths or above anything considered 07967010108 Thanks James

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