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    Fendt rear PTO shaft

    It must come out easily.. how do you use a 21 spline? Almost every single part of my Fendt's have failed, except that part..
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    Bench pillar drill recommendations

    Not so easy then.. Ideally you'd find a heavy duty drill like an old Elliot and then whack a single phase motor on it. The one I have is belt drive so fairly easy to convert. This should give you at least MT 3 and down to 60 odd rpm for driving the bigger bits.
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    Mf 6480 top link

    The waltershied on the fastrac is far too heavy, I reckon 80/90mm bore with a 40mm rod will be up to most jobs.. The hook end is heavy and weaker than a closed end and seems pointless, if you have buttons on the wings or like me, a lever on the spool that's easily reached. Manual top links...
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    Bench pillar drill recommendations

    Are you 3 phase?
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    Pick up hitch lift rods bending

    The problem with the reno/claas/ massey is that the top lift arm has more travel than the telescopic part allows . this means it needs the rocking top link part and it's this that does the bending damage to the rods when they get a bit sticky.. All in all just a rubbish design that works in the...
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    Digger track chains

    Yes it's a pest of a job, but doable for anybody with time and patience. Best to pressure wash the bolts dead clean then gas them off but make sure you run a grinder over the contacting surfaces of your pads and new chains to remove all rust and paint. You really don't pads rattleing slack down...
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    JCB 8330 Fastrac . Anyone running one

    Having no experience of either of these machines, can I ask why the fastrac is a non starter? surely on a dyno they will be close to each other.. The fendt vario in the fastrac will no doubt suck up more power and with the high top speed will result in more hydro input at the same working speed...
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    HGV recovery cost?

    Far better with a lowloader, a 20-30 ton excavator and an expert operator.. The whole outfit will be making good profit at £100 an hour and these outfits are scattered all over the country already. They will just be out on construction jobs then hauled away for a couple of hours here and there...
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    Tractor from Wales to North Scotland

    Steven /Tom walker haulage, Turriff. never seen them beaten on price and their farming so know the deal..
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    MF 65

    My email won't reply to you, but that's electronic c**p for ya. I will check for the plate in a few days when I am near the tractor, and to the guy who wanted a front weight frame, sorry I don't have one.
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    So I want an older Fastrac - I'm I mad?

    We ran a 2140 from 500 to 8000 hours on dump trailer work, gave very little bother and was chipped to about 160hp. The wee thing literally moved mountains but was well serviced. The only real problems involved the clutch wire broke inside the loom and was hard to find, but it did almost torch...
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    MF 65

    I have a broken 65 mk 1.
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    Lowloader for tractor.

    We bought a jpm double axle, floor rotten already and rust all over the place.. Also the chassis beams are too light and the trailer really twists with a load in the corners. Needed another so ordered a macualley tripple axle, much stiffer chassis and a bit better all round. Not sure you'll...
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    Hydraulic ram seals

    These These guys are great..
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    Kuhn ga7301 parts

    Sounds like it’s totally worn out or been abused. I’ve had the same 7301 rake for years with virtually no bother.. If you pm me with all the parts you need I should be able to get good prices for you.
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    Hydraulic top link

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    New chainsaw for £80

    A pal of mine bought an £80 saw. It cuts wood reasonably well but the chain brake is so badly made and stiff to operate, if you have a kickback it has no chance of saving your life.. for that reason alone not even worth considering buying.
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    New chainsaw for £80

    Unless the only other option is a ladder..
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    Having a "bit of a day" ?

    Grabbing a turning chuck on a pillar drill is near suicidal , gloves or not. Many times I've nicked gloves with grinders and flattened my fingers with heavy things.. be much worse without them. When it gets too fiddely/oily for leather gloves, the nitrile workshop gloves go on. they only come...
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    Having a "bit of a day" ?

    Lots being said on other threads about small parts of pto that are exposed. Seems like minimal risk compared to almost every farmer/blacksmith/builder/horsey person that I know that never wears gloves.. The second I get out of a machine the gloves go on. The trick is to buy decent quality...

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