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    I've never hated farmers as much as i do now.

    See the difference - some say path and some say track, and even this is not taken from the definitive map
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    I've never hated farmers as much as i do now.

    Bump....No way are any of these "Tracks" Public rights of way 'coz it would say so....
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    I've never hated farmers as much as i do now.

    s Since when has "Track" meant public access ? :unsure: This is what you should be looking at -
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    I've never hated farmers as much as i do now.

    Not all fields which appear to be "empty" are in fact empty and available for random dogs to empty their bowel on, just as not all paths which have been worn by repeated trespassing are in fact Public Rights of Way.
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    The General Election

    This gives you an idea....
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    The General Election

    I have voted at every GE for the last 40 years but I did so in the full knowledge that I was wasting my vote 'coz my vote is counted in the constituency where Richard Dimbleby is on record as saying there was no need to count the votes - Just weigh them. Hence I wholeheartedly support any party...
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    Wayleave for Pylons

    National Grid have just sent us two what appears to be much larger than usual payments for two pylons. Has anyone else experienced this ? Has there been some National agreement to convert small annual payments to a one - off lifetime sum ? Maybe I have missed the communication ?
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    The 1959 Weeds Act

    Is that the same weeds act under which councils can be prosecuted for not controlling Ragwort ....
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    Well said IanLiddel-Grainger MP

    Utterly and totally irrelevant - Supermarket pricing for veg is based on what the customer will pay and is nothing to do with cost of production. A 500% mark up used to be traditional but even that rule of thumb has gone by the board in recent times.
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    Word Association

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    Word Association

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    What will happen to UK farm subsidies as farmers find themselves caught in Brexit crisis 'trap'?

    a And yet the Tories seem to be going up in the polls :unsure:
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    Ins And outs ofconverting SUV to commercial

    Not the same issue but I bought a Skoda Octavia 1968cc turbo dieseland it was showing as £0 tax, turned out it had been registered as an ambulance previously - Needed to have it changed at a DVSA office after inspection.
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    Calfs sucking each others navels

    Vick's Vapo Rub or Mustard applied liberally adjacent (Not On) the navel usually works......
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    If Boris does get a deal....

    And at the end of the day no-one seems able to quantify the benefit of Brexit . Only “out means out”
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    thoughts on these non main brand disc harrows

    But they are not made in Britain - Shame on you for even considering such a thing .............
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    If Boris does get a deal....

    But the Tories are going to "Test the Law" ..... But how ? Are they going to take us out by signing aganist the law and then wait 3 months for their actions to be put before a court where it will be found out that , yes they did act illegally but, Hey Ho it's too late now - A bit like when...
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    New Defender - Land rover micro site

    “.... like THE Defender....” But the new one looks to be what a MK2a Discovery should have been!!
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    Farmer Boris

    Back in 2015 David Cameron made a number of points regarding offering the public a vote on leaving or remaining in the EU, a main point was that the issue is not party political therefore a general election will not sort this mess out. I understand that once DC stood down to enable a different...

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