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  1. agtltd

    Infested ... and helpless. Ideas?

    Feeding plenty of maize and grain here with a big crow banger running every 30mins and no problems
  2. agtltd

    Rubber matting

    Easyfix. Really good stuff
  3. agtltd

    yeild v constituents

    nonsense, that's a good death rate.
  4. agtltd

    Sourcing Mongrels

    Jason ‭+44 7774 816384‬
  5. agtltd

    Sourcing Mongrels

    Give Jason a call. Good chap to deal with.
  6. agtltd

    Zero grazing.

    Gloucestershire , good week ahead of us I expect too
  7. agtltd

    Zero grazing.

    Still at it here!
  8. agtltd

    Hay and Straw for sale and Wanted open to all

    GOOD HAY FOR SALE. Well made, quadrant bales, great access, based nr Gloucester. 100+ t available, open to offers.
  9. agtltd

    Robotic milking

    will be interesting to see what the 3 x A4 robots going to auction in May will make
  10. agtltd

    Relief Milker Available Gloucestershire

    give me a call if you're still after some milking 07969024649 Ta

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