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  1. 1690turbo

    Valtra t203 direct.

    We’ve a problem with our 203 d. The speed sensor has been reading all different speeds from 0-60k. It’s gone in and they think a clutch pack has gone. Has anyone experienced this ?
  2. 1690turbo

    Claas 650

    Mate who we work with is very tempted by a claas 650 hexashift. Any good or bad points on these tractors ?
  3. 1690turbo

    New Holland tx 34,what's it worth ?

    Have been offered a tx65. Wondered what my 34 is worth? M reg It's one of the last with the powerstar engine. 17ft header. Self levelling . Manual transmission. Nichols concave. New rasp bars 2 years ago 3100 hours in very good order. Looked over every year by a combine mechanic.
  4. 1690turbo

    Bomford kestrel E hedgecutter

    Looking at replacing my bomford 458 with a kestrel e . Has anyone had one of these or experience? They well built etc ? Cheers Matt
  5. 1690turbo

    Beet harvesting this week.

  6. 1690turbo

    Valtra N142 error code

    An error code popped up this morning followed by the stop light. Then went off. The code is 000110--16--000. Any ideas ?
  7. 1690turbo

    Lely splendimo conditioner

    My and my neighbour have splendimo 280 and 320 mc mowers and we are both having problems with the conditioner wrapping and stopping. Any ideas? it's driving us in sain!
  8. 1690turbo

    Valtra t163e

    Just wondered if anyone has a t163e? And their opinion on them ? Looking at one at the moment. Changing McCormick mtx140
  9. 1690turbo

    Bomford 458 level problem

    Hey in need of help. I can't level my mower. I've tried all kind of positions on the locking mechanism but still leans over when it's in working position! Any advise would be handy. Thanks Matt
  10. 1690turbo

    Cat th62 tyres

    We've been told we can't get 440/70 24 tyres to replace the originals. Only want to replace the front two! Anyone know of anywhere what does these ? Thanks Matt
  11. 1690turbo

    Grimme GT170 wheel drive

    Hey guys. Today my gt170 developed a problem. The wheel drive started surging . And whining a bit more. Has anyone else had this? Praying it's not the wheel motor :(. Cheers matt
  12. 1690turbo

    Lely 320 mower conditioner

    I hooked my mower up yesterday to get it out of the shed and tried folding it. It folds to 2/3 all the way up then stops. Can't see nothing catching. Tried it on 2 different tractors. Any ideas? Cheers matt
  13. 1690turbo

    Case ih prototype.

    Found this little girl working the other week
  14. 1690turbo

    Cat th62 driveline problem

    Was just going up the road with my cat and it started banging. As if a driveshaft had come off and was hitting the frame. Looked and it wasn't. Must be a hub or diff. Has anyone else had similar ? Matt
  15. 1690turbo

    Claas volto 52

    Does anyone else have trouble with this ?
  16. 1690turbo

    Valtra/agco A/C

    Just have had the air con on my valtra mess up proper. Sent parts of the pump and receiver drier around the system. Mechanic told me the receiver drier broke up and messed the pump up. Apparently it's Chinese made and not as good as ones made elsewhere. Has anyone else had this problem ...

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