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    First thing todo is try a replacement stalk , a good mechanic will have a tryer. Been there ,done that (eventually)
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    Private sale machinery ?

    How does it know its over £350 before you start making up the ad ?
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    Private sale machinery ?

    Can put ad on dealer list but im not a dealer .
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    Private sale machinery ?

    Don't know . been reg on here since 2015
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    Private sale machinery ?

    You have insufficient privelidges to post on here !
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    Flail mower/topper recommendations

    SPEARHEAD Q2500 HD FLAIL MOWER (UNUSED) ( 173466403835 ) iahill244Feedback percentage of100% 36 watching Delete item Add note 6d 12h left Thursday,11:24 BST £4,999.00 Buy it now or Best Offer
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    Private sale machinery ?

    Why would I not qualify to put an advert for trailer on machinery private sale ?
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    Bateson Eurostock Livestock Trailer

    Bateson Euro Livestock Trailer 12ft No decks. Good clean ,lightly used condition . £2200. York area.
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    Robson tractors Thirsk

    Good firm . pm u
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    Chainsaw and Strimmer Brand

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    Pig b&b /rearing.

    ? ?
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    A blueprint for a profitable suckler herd.

    Easy answer here is tell the cows two calves a year or else , don't pay any wages and do all the work yourself , for ***** nuts/
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    Pig b&b /rearing.

    Could you send me the figures please based on the same amount
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    Great Yorkshire Show

    Yep Hour long show , 3 minutes ramming thru some of the livestock class winners and a highland c oo . Julian spent more time climbing the pole than t`hey showed farming … a sign of todays world !!!!
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    Post knocker (preferably Bryce) wanted

    North Yorkshire sell and seek Facebook Marketplace
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    Ram for Browns flat eight

    Anyone got one of these old or newish , no leaks
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    Spearhead 2003 hd2500 rear roller WANTED

    Any measurements ?
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    Spearhead 2003 hd2500 rear roller WANTED

    Looks promising.

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