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    Wayleave for Pylons

    National Grid have just sent us two what appears to be much larger than usual payments for two pylons. Has anyone else experienced this ? Has there been some National agreement to convert small annual payments to a one - off lifetime sum ? Maybe I have missed the communication ?
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    Remind me .....

    What date is used to work out the exchange rate for SFP.
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    Another mini economic boom....

    As in the run up to the 29th of March can we now expect an economic boom whilst essential industries do their bit and re-stockpile raw materials ? Great business for warehousing owners - again. And then another slow down as halloween is passed ?
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    K Graves Safety

    On the “other” forum the above have been suggesting that there is imminent legislation coming re anything with wheels being towed by a tractor. If that is the case then can anyone add a link - I, like many others would not be too happy to spend a small fortune without knowing that these new...
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    Happy St. Georges Day all you Patriots out there....

    Happy St George’s Day! St George: His dad was from Turkey His mum was from Syria He was a Roman He died in Palestine He never visited England He is a Palestinian and Muslim hero for bravely standing up against discrimination and oppression He didn't kill a dragon #StGeorgesDay
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    National Road Run 2019

    Anyone going or already at the assembly point ?
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    Carbon Farming ??
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    Basic Entitlement value now ?

    Any ideas / speculation ... Entitlement (Damn you autocorrect !)
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    Another pickup thread, groan

    Top gear were challenging a pickup to carry tea tonight with a Tuk Tuk . The pickup looked very practical, what make was it, a Mahindra ? Anyone know ?
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    VW 1.2 TDI in a Skoda Fabia

    As above, any comments re: reliability and economy welcome .
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    Festive tractor

    Running on [emoji523] or not ....? Looks OK to me.
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    Anyone missing a Volvo Dump Truck
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    GAIST on private property

    Anyone else come across these jobsworths driving through private farmyards with a "google earth" type camera on top of a van ?
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    It's good to know what Government adviser thinks about UK Ag. "He said agriculture as a whole was a low productivity sector, about 40% of the national average. "So if you are wanting to make the UK a high wage, high productivity economy, which we generally are, it's not clear that making life very easy for...
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    Jeremy Corbyn for PM or WTO rules ?

    Which would be worst for the UK over the next 40 years ? At least we could get rid of Corbyn after the first 5 years.
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    3 Phase - 4 or 5 pin plug ?

    All our 3 phase socket outlets are for 3 phases and an earth. Have just taken delivery of a 7.5 hp 3 phase cold water pressure washer (Nixon) but it has come with a 5 pin plug and has both an earth and a separate neutral as well as the 3 power cores , the earth is the heaviest core. There is...
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    Up to 10 hours parking for a 6 metre caravan within 30 odd miles of Heathrow

    No I have not come back as a pikey but after a European jaunt with our elderly caravan I need to drop my wife off at Heathrow tomorrow Wednesday 29th August @ about 18:00 before heading home to Yorkshire with the caravan and don’t fancy taking the it through the departure parking lanes -...
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    Toy's'R'us and Maplins in administration

    Toy's'R'us (who cares) and Maplins (Oh dear !!) in administration
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    Morrison’s - Chippindale Foods

    As above it appears that a supermarket wants to produce its own eggs - good or bad ? [emoji848]
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    Dicamba ...

    Dicamba is a highly volatile herbicide with a propensity to move onto offsite locations, reducing other farmers’ yields. Farmers in Arkansas and other states are now filing lawsuits seeking compensation for losses caused by dicamba.”

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