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  1. tanker

    NMR IT issues

  2. tanker

    Prostate cancer

    Just come across this thread myself too,so apologies if I repeat something that's been said before but it bears repeating endlessly if it can save lives.This last year I've been involved with prostate cancer charity here in Wales. I had no other link before being asked to join Prostate Cymru's...
  3. tanker

    Milk Price Tracker

    What to make of this...
  4. tanker

    Solar PV monitoring

    Ok, thankyou for that,interesting stuff..
  5. tanker

    Solar PV monitoring

    Do you mind me asking what sort of price he's charging? Our 40kw is quite grubby all of a sudden and it's something I need to explore...
  6. tanker

    Cow showing signs of heat while pregnant?

    Somewhere up to 5% show signs of bulling when they're in calf so it's very possible that it's all fine..The heifer might have been bulling and the cow had an itch on her back which also might explain it.. (It's not always good news though,I'm sure most people with cows have the unexpected empty...
  7. tanker


    Some failure on the tractor you can't see(it's rolled down the slope below the road on the right of picture a fair way)..He came down out of the field with the yellow trailer colliding with the MF on the way through
  8. tanker

    Wreckers!! Working for a good friend of mine and someone a few on here would know I'm sure..It's a miracle that one got out alive never mind both of the drivers(both of whom are blameless)
  9. tanker

    Power to run a topper

    10hp per foot is a rough long as you can keep the revs up and blades fairly sharp and not ask too much of it I don't see it's out of the question..We've got a 10ft flail on a 110hp MF which goes fine and we used to run it on a Case 5120 sometimes a while ago and that managed,albeit not...
  10. tanker

    Mark n Lard pure radio gold

    I was very miserable when they came to an end(&Peter Ustinov died a day later&I was a big fan of his too)they used to make afternoons a joy… No-ones mentioned Fireman's Purple Helmet or Butch Schlong&Snatch Friggett of the American Sports Network broadcasting from the studios of W.A.N.K in...
  11. tanker

    Calf pen slats

    Crypto breaks your heart... There's stuff called Halocur that stopped it here..
  12. tanker

    Milk Price Tracker

    It has seriously spoilt my day
  13. tanker

    How about the 3 worst tractors?

    Leyland 285 (three times).... A beast when she was going right which was less than 5% of the time... I know the two people unlucky enough to be next in line to own our particular one, both cursed it very loudly for a fair while..
  14. tanker

    Fertiliser Price Tracker

    Urea at around £256/t for a full artic load..Does this tally with what else is around?
  15. tanker

    LAMMA moving to NEC from 2019

    Can see more people from Offa's Dyke making the trip to Brum than Peterborough,but then maybe fewer from other areas might balance it out..
  16. tanker

    Why is our weather so rubbish ?

    In terms of what was forecast for today(lovely dry sunny day) at the start of the week,and what we've actually had(wind and rain without a minute's respite) today might well be the biggest complete forecasting failure that I can recall(I may be fed up and have a short memory..)
  17. tanker

    Mark and Lard

    Glory be..I was a miserable sod when they finished in 2004,(Peter Ustinov, one of my idols died the same week, I was genuinely mournful..) so much comedy gold, from 'Fireman's Purple Helmet to the Florida Furry Cuppers on Radio W.A.N.K in Cinncinnati,Fat Harry to Down Count..... ''Fiiiiiiiiiive...
  18. tanker

    National Poetry Day

    We might be around the same age, I studied him too, wasn't much for fantasy,he told it as it was ...
  19. tanker

    National Poetry Day

    If I have a favourite poet it's this man,R.S Thomas, by a mile,.. described as a 'strange,crotchety man but with wonderful poems' He wrote a lot about life in the Welsh uplands,often very bleak and dark..this one is an exception,(on the poster it was reproduced on 40yrs+ ago now,the tractor was...
  20. tanker

    National Poetry Day

    Wasn't sure where to put this,but a lovely little poem by Dick King Smith I came by on Twitter,it's new to me but the subject is familiar to many of us, crappy wellingtons..

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