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  1. Electricfencer

    Ewes and lamb couples

    I always lamb 50 older mule ewes feb to sell as couples and iv just bought a load more hill ewes (cheap) so will sell 50 March Suffolk x and mule 3 year olds. What do people think the trade will be like this spring?
  2. Electricfencer

    Wanted. Suffolk shearlings

    I’m looking for 3 quality Suffolk shearling rams to go onto mules. Would prefer them to be performance recorded. Looking for long rams with good growth figures. Not to far way from the Cotswolds.
  3. Electricfencer

    Luck money

    I made a decision a couple of years ago not to give luck money when selling sheep, in stead I give the fist and best sheep to charity. I was selling theaves in market last week (not a great trade but that's another story) when someone came up to me saying that he had bought a pen of sheep and...
  4. Electricfencer


    5 year old combiclamp with weigh bars and display. Had very little work. In good condition. Selling for may dad who is getting out of sheep. £2500. 07498100774
  5. Electricfencer

    Scabivax for lambs.

    I have decided to scabivax the lambs this year after having really bad orf in a big bunch of ewe lambs last autumn. I have bitten the bullet and bought the vaccine and was going to do them when I turn the lambs out. The problem I have is it says in the information not to mix unvaccinated sheep...
  6. Electricfencer

    Sheep to blame for everything!!

    On the radio yesterday they where blaming England's dismal performance batting against New Zealand on Cooke lambing his sheep and not having time to prepare. Its just the sort of excuse I use for everything!! I think we can blame everything that goes wrong in the world on sheep (and sometimes...
  7. Electricfencer

    Single ewes on straw and fodder beet

    We are short on silage but have loads of straw and beet. So would single ewes be ok on this diet and how much concentrates would I have to feed.