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    Small scale calf rearing/veal

    I am thinking of doing some small scale calf rearing. They would be outside (with hutches). Does anyone have any top tips? I am wondering if I might slaughter them young and sell as veal. There doesn't seem to be anyone locally doing that. We have been successfully selling our lamb in boxes so...
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    Lamb theft - Wiltshire

    Just a heads up for you all. We live in Wiltshire, between Devizes and Westbury. This afternoon we caught red handed two teenagers trying to steal one of our lambs. They had a holdall with them and fishing line to, I assume, garrot the lamb. Luckily my son spotted them in the field chasing...
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    Heptavac now for new flock?

    We have a small flock of sheep who are on the Heptavac system. They are due to lamb from 1st of April so planning on giving booster 4-6 weeks before that. I have just bought another small flock who are not vaccinated. They are due to lamb from mid-Feb to end of March. How would you deal with...
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    Treatment programmes (for shedding sheep)

    I am interested in what treatment programmes you all use and why. Also I am specifically interested in what those with shedding sheep do differently, if anything. Thanks
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    What size trailer?

    I have 30 Wiltshire horn ewes that I need to collect. What size trailer am I likely to need? I am going to need to hire one. Alternatively I may pay someone to collect them. What sort of price should I be expecting to pay for a 26 mile journey? Any recommendations for transport companies bear...