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    I'm not an arable man but keep an eye on hat's happening and am interested in the way the industry is headed. A fella near us has been sowing spring barley after getting caught out in the back end and left with a few hundred unsown acres. Most fields were disced twice, subsoiled, roterrad...
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    Hedge Plants mid tier

    I've got 1100 m of hedging to go in for Mid Tier, what's anyone's experience on best plants to use and sort of price to be paying per plant (2 year transplants) Cheers
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    Mid Tier Capital Grants

    However you decide to do fencing or hedging (ie yourself of get someone in), once don do you just contact the RPA and claim for the full value of the allowance? What sort of invoices do they require? Never really though about it but after previous horrendous dealings I want to get it right. Cheers
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    Sprayer and Spinner for Mule

    Looking into buying a 3m boom sprayer and a spinner (trailed or plug in) for the Mule, anyone done similar or got any advice on what to go for or avoid? Cheers
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    Direct Drilling AB9 etc

    I've asked this on an older tread but not sure if it'll get spotted so try again here. Anyone here spray off their AB9 then DD the new stuff in? How long after spraying do you wait? Any replies much appreciated.
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    Reclaimed land

    Anybody farming any previous opencast? What's the returns like first 5 years when it's grassed ie you let it out for grazing? Bale it? How do the figures stack up? Anyone cropped in those 5 years? Cheers
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    Borehole Grant

    Morning, Does anyone know if there's a grant/grants available for the installation of a borehole and the associated running equipment. I was told in December something was coming forward but I can't remember the name of the scheme. Possibility of UV filter and pump through the small grant...
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    Winter to Spring £

    With wetter back end and winter more unplanned spring stuff going in round us, again. What's the thoughts on likely changes to budgets? If you plan for WW but miss the window and end up with SB what would you expect. 2 wildy different scenarios run by me in a chat yesterday. Without securing a...
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    Winter to Spring £

    With wetter back ends and winters more spring stuff going in round us, again. What's the thoughts on likely changes to budgets? If you plan for WW but miss the window and end up with SB what would you expect. 2 wildy different scenarios run by me in a chat yesterday.
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    General margin per acre/ha?

    I've been having some varied discussions with some of my neighbours recently about what an expected / acceptable and realistic margin per acre is, in broad terms across the whole arable side of the farm and also per crop. As per usual, the figures vary wildy, from those who will always be...
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    Electric Gates

    Thinking of finally getting some electric gates. Anyone got any advice? Swinging, sliding, wood, metal? Rough £ etc Much appreciated.
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    Why no subletting AHA?

    What are the benefits of no AHA subletting to the landlord? I don't mean if a tenant took on a farm, split up all the buildings and let them out as offices, nothing that dramatic, or stupid, more what are the reasons for the landlord barring any subletting at all? Are there tax implications...
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    Mid Tier GS4

    Morning, I'm intrigued by the GS4 option, any experience? .
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    Depreciating dryer

    Opinions of value of dryer after several years please. There's the 'book' value and then the 'worth at point of use' value. To make things simple, a continuous flow dryer installed 25 years ago, worth then £100k. What is it worth now? Just the dryer, not the shed it's in. Depreciation...
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    AHA Land value

    If splitting a family business and one party takes more land (AHA) what value should go on this? Obviously the land offers the chance of 'x' amount of income every year in perpetuity so needs to be compensated for correctly. Any experience?
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    Cultivator / plough pan

    A neighbour blasts his cultivator through everything and there's now standing water, like an ice rink, perfectly flat on top of plenty of his fields. My old man is convinced said neighbour is experiencing what he used to call the 'plough pan' ie skimming the same level year on year and now...
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    Dividing fields AHA

    I'm thinking of splitting up a larger field into smaller sections (for various reasons). Is there any issue with doing so on an AHA? Presumably we'll need to register new parcels with the RPA but is there any landlord issues? Fences can and may well come back out in 10 -15 years depending...
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    Cattle manure value

    Afternoon, I know I've read posts on here somewhere but cannot find them now. What theoretical £ Value should be put on cattle manure spread on arable land? Could be your own, straw for muck or bought in.... Say you got 500 x 200kg wheat straw bales turned into FYM then spread. What value...
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    Borehole installation

    Anyone got any recommendations for a company to drill / install a borehole in The North East? Loads of companies about and I've had some wild variance on quotes. We know there's water here as there's an old, filled in well so looking for someone to redrill, and install pumps, pipework etc...
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    Grain Drying

    Wondering what's general thoughts on DIY drying. 'If' someone were operating a 25 year old 12t/h continuous flow dryer for 900 acres, everything going through it. The intake is still from the 60s and microscopic and the handling and wet stora, is becoming unsustainable. The rape goes stright...