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  1. joe o

    MF 399 tyre sizes

    Have got a 399 that's now on 16.9 R38 on rear and 13.6 R28 on front and it's ready for a fresh set what sizes have people put on them? Will 600/60 R38 be a bit OTT? Pictures would be handy thanks in advance [emoji106]
  2. joe o

    Claas axion 810 calibration?

    Doing few jobs on a axion 810 think transmission is called C matic may be wrong power shift on arm rest no maual gears, is it possible to calibrate the transmission without service laptop?? Clutch is very savage!
  3. joe o

    Good Work boots!!!

    Trying to find a better pair of boots! Had buckler last few times they don't last long considering there not cheep!! Sides go soft and padding goes flat and hard! What's everyone else use I normally have dealer boots
  4. joe o

    Which CB Radio??

    What's everyone's opinions on cb radios, antennas, leads, an fitting (antenna location etc)