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    Should government ever intervene in markets ?

    Coal mining, and it got closed down.
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    How late for linseed

    The best way to decide when to switch to a cover crop in my experience is when you know in your heart of hearts that you are only going to break even or worse and give yourself a load of work and expenditure which you may or may not be repaid. Then you can cost the cover crop seed which would be...
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    Farms for sale

    Sounds familiar?
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    Prince Philip RIP

    Better off isn’t always measured in money. I rest my case
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    Prince Philip RIP

    Doing quite well on my own thanks
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    Prince Philip RIP

    No monopoly but up their among the best at it , what public service do you do ? Not enough, but this isn't really about me though is it? You can try and make it about me to change the subject or throw insults around at people because they don't share your opinion. But ultimately my point, and I...
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    Prince Philip RIP

    It's called civilisation. There's a lot of people who dedicate their lives for the good of society or humanity. Most are unknown and either pay their taxes or are too poor to be liable for tax in the first place. The royals don't have a monopoly on public service.
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    Prince Philip RIP

    I'm not. I think you get my point.
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    Prince Philip RIP

    This isn't about me though is it? I'm not going to start hurling insults at you to justify or degrade my argument. My point is that we live in a capitalist democracy where everyone does their bit and pays their way. I don't like the way the super rich shirk their tax paying responsibilities...
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    Prince Philip RIP

    Quite, they have all that wealth and income, have special tax arrangements and still get the civil list. I've got nothing against the royal family, I just wish they would pay tax at the same rates as the rest of us.
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    Prince Philip RIP

    I think you'll find that there are more pressing calls on the public purse at the moment.
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    Prince Philip RIP

    Providing jobs isn't good enough justification for spending tax payers money. To suggest that the royals can't do their job without a royal yacht is fine but if they (or you for whatever reason) really want one, I don't think it should fall on the taxpayer to pay for it.
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    Prince Philip RIP

    Personally, I think it's pretty obscene the super rich swanning around on their yachts. As a rule they tend to avoid tax into the bargain If the royals want one they can afford it themselves. I would prefer to hire a few more nurses or pay them a bit more. By the way Give is an elected official...
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    Prince Philip RIP

    Who's paying?
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    It's a pity third not more valued as a resource rather than waste.
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    Beef / Lamb & Pig Price Tracker

    If things get really bad there's always the tax bill to moan about.
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    nasty eye

    Have a look on youtube, Maybe some one has put it on there. You need someone very determined to hold the lamb. It's not that difficult
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    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Oh no! What a disaster. They looked so bloody promising as well.
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    Spraying with a frost at night.

    We would have been so chuffed to get weather like this in December or January.