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  1. jon115r

    Cutting mature chicory

    Has anyone tried cutting the above with a mower have a hectare to cut and bale for a local estate? It's around 6ft tall and very britle
  2. jon115r

    John deere forklift

    Looking for a back axle anyone know of any breakers burdens don't have anything!!! Thanks
  3. jon115r

    Bateman rb 15

    Hi would anyone know where a lime spreader could be found to fit on the Bateman or suggestions to start looking thanks
  4. jon115r

    Gaurdian air nozzles

    Just been looking at some of these online what's is roughly the individual cost of a nozzle iv never bought before ? On eBay it's a pic of a bag but it seems to cheap at £5.60 [emoji13]
  5. jon115r

    John deere

    Anyone know the cause or seen a back wheel come off taking the half shaft with it and cracking the trumpet!!!
  6. jon115r

    2 pack paint

    Hi guys don't know very much about paints but can 2 pack paint be applied by a brush?
  7. jon115r


    K reg bateman hi lo 2001 9000hrs knight 24m sprayer in good working order reluctant sale but have a newer model To cover more ground pm for further info.ATTACH=full]261432[/ATTACH]
  8. jon115r

    Daewoo Dh130

    Problem slow on slew everything else works grand but after hour or so the slew gets slower and slower any thoughts thanks
  9. jon115r


    Anyone know of best place to find 2 540/65/24 wheels and tyres and good dealers worth trying
  10. jon115r


    Where is bootle? And how do u get there coming from Scotland? Also is there any dealer yards on route? Thanks
  11. jon115r


    No idea about these things but thinking about one!! Anyone know what like agco ones are like can get one for £542 anything I need to know or ask
  12. jon115r


    Is oats better rolled for lambs or left whole??
  13. jon115r


    What's the price per acre to ask for a good crop of clean turnips sown on the flat
  14. jon115r

    Scanning ewes

    What's the earliest you can scan a ewe
  15. jon115r

    Forklift seat

    Best replacement seat for my jcb and where to get it from
  16. jon115r

    Yearling heifer

    Iv a yearling heifer that's gone blind she been on hard feed since 6 weeks but just went blind last 2 days any thoughts never had this before
  17. jon115r

    Battery powered grinder

    Anyone have one? Do they last a decent length of time? Which one is best
  18. jon115r

    Kuhn euromixer

    Anyone know anyone looking for a diet feeder or dealers that buy I've one forsale
  19. jon115r


    Looking to finance a 96 reg machine any good brokers out there thanks
  20. jon115r


    Any reports on stirling today