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    VW Amarok future prices

    Wow, that sounds expensive. I was in the VW garage last week (OH has an Arteon) and they offered me a brand new Amarok with a V6 engine for €42000. This was because they know I have the world's least reliable Hilux - 87000 km and it's spent more time in the garage than on the road (or at...
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    L200 auto for towing

    This^^^. At 80k it's just nicely run-in. I miss mine (hit and written off by drunk driver when parked). We also have a DMax which has been great and a Hilux which has been a disaster - injector problems which Toyota can't seem to fix (it's probably spent more time off the road than on it in...
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    No deal brexit dress rehearsal.

    Also closed...
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    Would you or do you have a show on your land

    We used to be in a rotation of farms hosting a local show, but now it's held in the grounds of a local agricultural college. Given that this was a specialist show focussing on machinery, I would estimate that 90% or more of the visitors were actively involved in agriculture in one way or...
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    Magnesium tablets.....

    I started taking cheap supermarket mineral/multivitamins early this year - mostly as there was a suggestion it might help in preventing Covid. I won't be stopping - I can't believe how much better I feel. Took 2-3 weeks before I noticed any effect.
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    McCormick IH 434 starting problem

    It could be worth trying to pressurise (lightly!) the fuel tank to assist in getting fuel through. I do this by wrapping a rag round an air gun from the compressor to create a seal. I have a couple of old machines without working fuel gauges, and they run out of fuel a couple of times a year...
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    Piggery investment

    Why don't these threads get removed? On other forums threads like this would disappear very quickly.
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    Feeding my dairy cows

    I've (tried to) send you a message. Please let me know if you got it OK?
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    Why can’t tractor drivers pull over on the road?

    In fairness, if you can't get past a tractor on that road you either need to stop driving, or get a better car...
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    CCTV These guys were very helpful when we were looking, and we've installed 2 of their systems - one on the farm and one at some outlying buildings. I was looking for a system and was in the UK (I'm from Belgium) to pick up some spare parts. I happened to notice the CCTV...
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    Do powder minerals mix well in diet feeder?

    Years ago, in the early days of mixer wagons, I attended a demonstration of 6 different makes of mixer. They dropped a small pot of blue food colouring (about the size of a small pot of paint) in one corner of each mixer wagon. Within a couple of minutes the contents of each car was coloured...
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    home'n dry.....again

    I crimp grain with Home'n'Dry for one customer who uses it as concentrate feed in his robot milkers. He's been doing it for a bit more than a year without any problems.
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    Is there currently a problem with exporting live sheep?

    Greetings from Belgium! :) I've seen a couple of customers today who tell me they're unable to get any sheep from the UK this year. They normally buy breeding stock via livestock dealers over here, but the dealers seem not to be able to get any stock at the moment. Is this something to do...
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    The challenge when agbagging this material is that you don't want to compress it too much - the home n dry forms a gas which has to be able to permeate through all the material in order to do its work. I've done it in trial quantities and it kept fine and fed well but I think it might work out...
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    Wetting Barley

    Sorry - I think you may have misunderstood the point I was trying to make. Rolling grain with 18% INTERNAL moisture is absolutely no problem at all - in fact a lot of mills will go over 30% moisture - as long as the moisture is contained within the grain and the outside of the grain is dry. The...
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    Wetting Barley

    May be a good idea to check with the mobile miller that they are able to process wet grain. There is a big difference between internal moisture (i.e. moisture inside the grain) and external. I have 5 mobile mills and 3 would struggle to process grain which is moist on the outside.