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    Mixing straw

    Wanting to mix straw with silage for wintering heifers. Just wondering how much. Silage was very young grass so will skitter them. Was thinking something like. 3 kg straw 16kg silage 2kg of rearer cake 18%. Would this be sufficient for bulled dairy heifers. Ranging from 18-26 months old.
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    Feeder wagon

    wanted. Feeder wagon big enough to feed 85 cows. Nothing to fancy aslong as works will be fine. Needs to be able to mix straw and fodder beet.
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    Feeder wagon

    wanted old feeder wagon. To feed 85 heifers. Must be in working order and be capable of mixing straw and fodder beet. Ps does have too be shinny long as works.
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    Trading standards prosecution

    just wonder what they mean by going to prosecute me. Neighbour had took a pic of a cow that had ripped both tags out. I had no idea bout. Sold cow at weekend and moved off they said they’d order tags. I’m mean time phone call. Trading standards asking why it wasn’t tagged said ripped out...
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    Fullwood out of parlour feeders. For sale

    Set of 4 out of parlour feeders. For sale. Complete with crystal software and pc 4ton cake bin And auger system. £4500 ovno Can deliver at extra cost.
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    Urgent. Help needed

    As most of you know on here we are going out of milk due to health and family commitments. We do have the cows sold which is a bonus but they can’t go for 6 weeks. The problem I have is milk buyer is stopping collecting milk on Thursday so in abit of a pickle. Any body Cumbria based able to...
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    Dairy cows for sale.

    Herd of 50 cows for sale. Majority Holstein fressins. Couple jersey x and some shorthorns Young herd mostly heifers and second calvers Ayr calved. Running with lim bull Genuine reason for sale due to illness. £1050 a head Ono
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    Any help.

    Going out of milk as maybe seen on previous posts. Been diagnosed with early onset artheritis After only been going 18month not ideal situation young family mortgage and staff well we all know that storey. We had cows sold as a herd privately anyhow 2 days before they go looks like there Guna...
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    Neighbours machinery and an imminent fall out

    Borrowed neighbour spreader in jan to get some muck. Always helped each other lend tackle etc very good mates with his son and he used to do a lot for us when we had rented farm. I always end up been asked for a hire fee and I always pay it but I never charge him it’s not in my nature will...
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    How much silage.

    Already kinda asked this on another thread but didn’t really get an answer. We are thinking about diversifying into heifer wintering. Trying to work out how much silage they would eat to get to a price per day. So Bullers and in calf heifers. Any help be appreciated
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    Heifer rearing

    we have some empty sheds so debating rearing heifers. Can take 70 bulling heifers or in calf heifers. And 20 calfs through to weaning. What prices would you be looking to pay ?? Silage top quality. All cake bought by owner would be on cubicles. And can be fed by a set of oop feeders so no...
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    Hiring cows out

    talking To a friend the other day about cow hire. Does it work in reality?? Keep it simple. Example 6000l here Ayr calved to lim bull Owner supplies the cows at start on 12 month rolling deal. Valuation by livestock agent so say there worth x in such a condition must return end of deal at same x...
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    Carrs billington north branch

    anybody else having problems with Carrs billington ? A young farming couple bit behind with there accounts offering to pay and catch up etc. There trying to take them to the cleaners. There talking about going to the press etc. It won’t be a good look for such a big company profile if they do...
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    Farm cattery

    anybody done 1 and do they pay. What are the pit falls in planning etc. And what are the charges per cat ? We was thinking 10/12 cats.
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    Mowing at night after a sunny day

    Broke all the rules tonight now I g grass at nearly dark It’s been a brilliant sunny day so thought just go for it tonight have I done the right thing weather looks to be bit unsettled after Thursday again.
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    Cows out in day time from tomorrow.

    Finally cows going out in day from tomorrow. 9.5 months we been in Can’t decide how much feed to cut off them tho any tips.
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    had a cow get mastitis in back left tit. Tubed etc. But she has no milk at her what so ever now for last 4 days she normally gives 30+ It’s not even giving half a litre.
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    Brit milk machine

    Brit milk machine keeps tripping it’s water heater out have to manually restart it above temp switch every hour. Any ideas please guys
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    Another robot thread.

    Sorry another robot thread. We are seriously contemplating one. Just looking for advice. We milk 65 cows averaging 6500 litres. Just a one man band unit and job off farm. We are feeding just silage and all cake through outbof parlour feeders. Would we benefit from a robot in the Long term. It...
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    Acrs manus help.

    Have some acrs in the loft they are manus ones. I need some help to plumb them in dairy engineers round here army keen on putting them in because we still have jars. Will attach some diagrams of them cheers.