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  1. irish dom

    Ewes coughing

    Weaned a batch of ewes last week. Gathered them today to go through and take culls out. The amount of constant coughing going on in the yard worries me. Would it be lungworm? Reminds me of hoose in bucket reared calves. Just very unusual. Any thoughts on it?
  2. irish dom

    Wintering ewes on outdoor slats

    Interested in building an outdoor slatted area to feed in lamb ewes and then turn out to grass to lamb. Was chatting to a Welsh guy about it a few months ago and he was very pleased with it for health and feet. Would have to be better than standing in the current clabber. Any one done it with...
  3. irish dom

    Sheep housed on good silage only?

    Planning to house flock next year. Never done it before but weather and tack prices have forced my hand. Was just thinking would it be possible to house ewes and feed good quality bales silage and vit/mins through mollasses in ball feeders to maintain them until turned out a fortnight before...
  4. irish dom

    Peat bedding sheep

    So building wintering shed for my ewes and planning my bedding material. Straw is dear and takes work to bed and needs storage. Seen alot of cattle bedded on peat and seems to be very absorbent and comfortable for stock. Would eliminate routine bedding and cut down labour. Ewes will be turned...
  5. irish dom

    200 acre sheep venture

    I have been asked if I would be interested in a local estate to lease. I am currently grazing it for the winter off previous tenant who is cutting back. Good land and more importantly completely ring fenced recently. I currently run 400 ewes on other leased blocks after starting with nothing 5...
  6. irish dom


    Been offered 8 acres of Swedes about 50 mile away in a dry place. Thinking of using them post scanning for twins and triplets from mid January through till about 2 weeks pre lamb when ewes will be trucked home for lambing. Wouldn't normally go so far but grazing is scarce and astronomically...
  7. irish dom

    Wooden sheep slats

    So I have just bought a wee farm and I am looking to kit out a hashed with wooden slats. I would make them up myself. Just curious what size sections people use and how high off the ground would they want to be. Planning to build a large solid floor shed next year to house all the flock for two...
  8. irish dom

    exlana ewe lambs import to ireland

    Got up this morning and its been the fifth attempt to shear one flock of sheep on an outfarm. Weather man said it was all ok today and its absolutely soaking sky on the ground. Been thinking about trying exlana for a while now but the weather and the rubbish price for wool is forcing me to...
  9. irish dom

    letting out ground for silage

    I am an all sheep farmer that sends my ewes away for the winter on cattle farms. This time of the year i find grass gets away from me no matter how hard i stock it. I usually skip a few paddocks let them bulk up for a month and sell the grass to a couple of local cattle boys. They mow bale wrap...
  10. irish dom

    honda 420es

    My old 500 has calved. Gearbox is gone. Lambing starting in a week so super stuck. Been offered great scrappage deal on a new 420es. Very tempted. What are peoples thoughts?
  11. irish dom

    lambing triplets outside

    I have lambed a few but as my flock has grown i generally sold the triplets to ease the workload. I have no sheds as land is all rented and spread out. Sheep are away wintered and put out to lamb on saved paddocks. I try and let them rip away themselves and only intervening when necessary and...
  12. irish dom

    polytunnel for 500 ewes

    Hi just toying with idea of dropping some far away winter awkward hard fenced grass and housing the ewes and feed them the silage that i currently sell. Getting fed up running up and down the road and trying to find out if it would be as cost effective to have them under my hand. Also hard to...