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  1. joe o

    Claas Jaguar Additive Applicator

    Should be working by the weight,some crops could be 12t to hectare some could be 18t, easy if all trailers are similar size say they hold 9t off crop 400tons worth of additive in 400lts= 9 litres applied per trailer therefore adjust flow so it covers 44.4 loads, that I know most foragers will...
  2. joe o

    Two way radios

    Glanford electronics 01724 289600 excellent service
  3. joe o

    C G Farm machinery, Lancashire

    Top man worked with him for few years would recommend him to anyone
  4. joe o

    jcb tm310s boom suspension not working

    On the bottom of the lift Ram there is a pressure switch and a solenoid, the wires to them are in a loop I think check for breaks in the wires where they bend as the Ram pivots
  5. joe o

    New JCB TM420

    I don’t suppose it will do them much good both ways, we welded a bit of 4” pipe holding both sides of the bracket together after it ripped off
  6. joe o

    New JCB TM420

    I always think Biggest cause of headstock tilt brackets ripping of is not cleaning out behind them so the Ram is still pulling in but as it can’t get to the end of its travel as grass or whatever is packing it away from the stops
  7. joe o

    Fendt hydraulic problem

    Look up from underneath where the battery is onto the bottom of the spool block there is a cap which is held on with 2 alan cap bolts 5mm I think, wipe off any dirt that's around it before removing it only a little filter could probably fit it in a egg cup fairly sure it's shown in the operators...
  8. joe o

    Vogelsang macerator

    £800 sounds a lot but how much have you made putting hundreds of thousands gallons of slurry through it?
  9. joe o

    Fendt hydraulic problem

    Try changing the little filter on bottom of the spool block aswell ours play up now and again
  10. joe o

    Which impact wrench for wheel nuts etc?

    I have snap on 3/8 1/2 impact guns drill grease gun and grinder there good fella I work for has just got load of milwaukee stuff for workshop 1/2 small impact 1/2 big impact grease gun 2x drills and battery mag drill! Il definitely be getting Milwaukee next!! Was bit sceptical about mag drill...
  11. joe o

    Smartest pickup on the market

    I had a new hilux invincible X for a couple of days last week heard mixed reviews I thought it was brilliant! Leaps and bounds ahead of the old ones! Very good resale value aswell I was happy with price offered for my 64 reg invincible!
  12. joe o

    Replacing bearing on bunning

    Got shaft out today got it lifted into press on pallet forks! Took 40ton and some heat before it came out though!
  13. joe o

    Replacing bearing on bunning

    It's a 2011 gearbox never been off yet, I wasn't planning on cutting gear box up shaft will get cut off 1st if I can get the gypsie wheels off should be able to get it in a press! [emoji106]
  14. joe o

    Replacing bearing on bunning

    That's what I was thinking of doing! Got the gearbox off with the shaft and gypsies still attached il get them cut off in the morning and go from there! Cheers [emoji106]
  15. joe o

    Replacing bearing on bunning

    [emoji853] could take some doing then!! Made a start Friday afternoon! The woman took me away for the weekend so it got left!! Tomorrow's job!! Sound like it will be getting cut off! A good question in mind for the bunning stand on Wednesday at lamma!! [emoji848]
  16. joe o

    Replacing bearing on bunning

    I'm on with replacing the bushes and the chain drive sprockets on our 105compact at the moment has anyone found a good way to pull the gearbox off the shaft mine is v v v v tight!
  17. joe o

    Air Grease Guns

    Yes just normal hydraulic hose, not the best to wrap up got it in hydraulic hose thinking it would withstand getting caught and driven over not to bad
  18. joe o

    Air Grease Guns

    I got a Samoa 50kg bucket pump brilliant for greasing in the workshop put a 30ft 1/4" hydraulic hose on so don't have to keep moving it round [emoji106]
  19. joe o

    Pro greaseing

    Some of the shafts on krone big X have a grease nipple on all 4 bearing caps! [emoji106]
  20. joe o

    t7.200 power command

    Hold up and down shift, start up,release up and down shift,trans oil temp will be shown in middle display on dash or on gear display if non sidewinder, handbrake on select forwards on shuttle release clutch (shouldn't move), press up shift until "A" is on display where temp was, press auto once...