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  1. trook135

    vicon front mower

    i'm after a vicon front mower to match my rear dmp 3001 tc to speed the hay job up a bit, I will consider other front mowers but ideally want one with the 3 blades on each disc like the vicon/kubota, age not really an issue as long as the machine works, many thanks
  2. trook135

    Kubota hay equipment?

    Looking at a new rake, we had our current single rotor from new and it’s about 35 years old and VERY tired. I had a demo of a kubota 2850 twin rotor rake although unfortunately all I had to test it on is turning swaths of straw at the moment! (Which it did very cleanly) Does anyone have any real...
  3. trook135

    ELS overwintered stubbles

    Working on this years claim forms, may have accidentally miscalculated areas in the autumn and now fall just under 6ha short of the target, anyone else come across this, I'm fully expecting a fine, however the wait time for a callback from natural England is 2 days, anyone else had similar...
  4. trook135

    new big bale grab

    been having a look at a few new big bale grabs for picking up bale baron packs or 800s, looking at Flat 8 style grabs as I prefer them stacked across the trailers, not totally sure which is best, had a quote for albutt, browns and cherry, the albutt and browns grabs are SUBSTANTIALLY more...
  5. trook135

    Alresford show classics

    A few classics on show at the alresford show in Hampshire today!
  6. trook135

    Tedder troubles!!

    Can't seem to get this Tedder to run right, especially bad when running downhill! As seen in the vid below, tractor is auto steering in a straight line and only doing 6.6kph, tried at all different speeds and made no real difference other than the ferocity of the wobble got worse at higher...
  7. trook135

    Quad bike carrier

    Hi all just looking for inspiration really, have 2 farms a fair trip apart and I work alone on the farm can't afford a second staff member any more making fert a bit of a chore, wondered about making a carrier for the quad bike to go on the tractor loader or linkage so I can take the fert...
  8. trook135

    Evans and Pearce broadcaster

    Have a 12m Evans and Pearce broadcaster at home that has been retired from slug duties in place of a new bullock tillage unit, was looking at trying to use the old e&p spinner to put ground feed out for pheasants so need to slow the disc down, would a standard fan controller type thing work like...
  9. trook135

    Situation Vacant general farm worker

    looking for a general farm worker to help out on our 1000ac Hampshire family farm harvest work, grain store management, tractor driving, hedge cutting, grassland management, hay work and some small sheep work with a flock of 40 mules, probably a fair few jobs i have missed out, telehandler...
  10. trook135

    Fold up trailer skids

    Many years ago the old man managed to find some weld on trailer skids that folded out the way nearly flat, lent the trailer out a while back and the youth that was driving it left it down and smashed it to pieces in some ruts! Been racking my brains to try and find where to buy a new one but so...
  11. trook135

    wheel weight adapters

    hi all, i have some rear wheel weights for john deere cast wheels in the yard, wondered if anybody had made or knew of an adapter set to run them on standard john deere solid rims on the tractor below, the new hedge utter makes things a bit wobbly at full reach! looking for ideas...
  12. trook135

    bucket grab/ waste handling bucket

    looking at a bucket grab type attachment to go on the loader tractor, got quotes from local dealerships for Quicke and Mx but they only want to sell the grabs with Kverneland type tines so had a look online and found this Has anyone got any experience with 'machinery sales EU' seems to look...
  13. trook135

    Shakerator air seeder

    Looking at a cheap way to put in my HLS covers and potentially down the line sow my rape with it also Looked into a stocks turbojet but trying to get my head around how to mount it on our 7leg shakerator and wether it's better to use the seed pipes down the legs or in a row in front of the...
  14. trook135

    Tree limbing with telehandler/loader

    Just after a bit of info really, spotted this on eBay: Just wondered if anyone had any first hand experience with them seems like a good idea as would make hedge cutting and limbing overhanging trees a safe one man one machine operation instead of...
  15. trook135

    John Deere canbus and led beacons

    Old halogen beacons gave up the ghost (too many low hanging branches out on the hedgecutter [emoji53]) bought a new pair of led versions from 247 lighting for way less than the john Deere ones from the main stealership however the canbus system is throwing up error codes, It does the same on...
  16. trook135

    breeding ram wanted

    I just lost my favourite trusty Southdown ram so am after a Southdown or Hampshire down breeding ram located as near to Hampshire as possible, also as an aside I'm looking for a few Southdown or Hampshire down replacement ewes
  17. trook135

    Christmas Day!!

    Why do people feel the need to ruin it!! Just went out to check the sheep and found a car parked in one of our fields with two people flying drones and running a dog, stopped and asked for a quick chat the lad with the drone was pleasant enough but the 18st bloke with the dog (presumably dad)...
  18. trook135

    new exhaust for the 6530P

    The exhaust has cracked on the elbow at the bottom of the upright on my 6530, the rest of the upright looks generally pretty rusty as well, think i'm going to have a crack at making a new one out of stainless, where is good for buying stainless tubing online?
  19. trook135

    Simba allfarm legs

    Have had this 6m simba "allfarm" for as long as I can remember however recently a couple of the legs have snapped at the pigtail, having big problems trying to find anywhere that can get hold of new ones unless I place an order for 200 or more legs!
  20. trook135

    Ransomes mould boards

    After a pair of mould boards for my ransomes ts59 m match plough, current ones have plates been welded on the front edge and they fur up like hell!!! Especially after this weekends match!!