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  1. principal skinner

    Feed Oats 😉

    Approx 4t Elyann Oats for sale, £130/t collected LU postcode. Weighbridge available nearby.
  2. principal skinner


    Should the AHDB continue to partially fund Red Tractor unless we see a change of direction and an equal to imports level of assurance? Yes or No
  3. principal skinner

    Andrew Blenkiron

    As per poll. He wants to insult us, then let’s take the fight right back to the board and show them we are not naive, miss understood or back stabbers but we will stand up and be counted when needed.
  4. principal skinner

    Skyfall drilling this week

    Looks like we MAY get an opportunity to drill later this week, push on with Skyfall h/s and in stock or switch to sp barley or oats? All in stock and ready to go, I think stick with Wheat for another ten days max. Thoughts please
  5. principal skinner

    Red Tractor

    Has anybody else received the following email, asking for how it should be run in the future Dear Red Tractor Member, As we move towards a new era in British farming, it feels like the right time to reflect on just how far we have come as an industry. Many of you have been producing great...
  6. principal skinner

    Winter Oats

    New crop to me and working out balance of N required for this season. Ball park figure for total N on winter oats please TIA
  7. principal skinner


    Evening all, long shot but had anyone managed to source the drawbar potentiometer for a Chafer Guardian from RS or the like? Need a new one!
  8. principal skinner

    Lorry Trailer Sheets

    If by chance you had a lorry coming in the morning for milling wheat and you knew for certain the sheet had four plus holes in it large enough for put a couple of fingers through, (seen the holes with my own eyes) and the haulier is telling you thats fine, would you load it???
  9. principal skinner

    20’ single trip containers

    10 single trip 20’ containers delivered to MK45 postcode please.
  10. principal skinner

    Recommendations please

    Evening, Looking for recommendations for a firm to supply and fit concrete panels, cladding and a roller door to an open framed Dutch barn, mid bedfordshire TIA
  11. principal skinner

    Moisture Claims

    Five loads gone out today off the same heap,average moisture 14.45%, last load 15.2% (included in the average) subject to a claim. Worth arguing the toss about or pay up and forget it??
  12. principal skinner

    Explorer Spring Barley

    Have been asked to grow 60ha next year on contract for Budweiser, anybody grown it? Been advised against early drilling but I'm on chalk and want to drill at the end of Feb if conditions allow. Brackling? Yield? Price? TIA
  13. principal skinner

    Harvest Results

    Some results from independent tests Lili 170 Don 14.3 mc 79.9 Kghl 11.94 protien 362 hagberg 11.6 t/ha ww1 220 kgs N Santiago 240 Don 14.3 mc 75.4 kghl 12.17 protien 285 hagberg 11.2 t/ha ww2 225 kgs N Skyfall 0 Don 14.2 mc 78.3 kghl 13.44 protien 412 hagberg 12 t/ha ww1 245 kgs N Cut at an...
  14. principal skinner

    Calculation correct

    Just measured my heap of barley to give me an idea what's there, am I correct in the following? 372 cubic meters x 0.67(67 bushel weight) = 249t Average moisture 11-13% no point in correcting to 15% as what's there is there!
  15. principal skinner

    OSR merchants

    so following on from the other thread, forget your fancy seed rebate schemes that are not worth a penny to us growers in a high CSFB area, here's an idea from the farmers side, after all you all want to source farm assured OSR don't you? I will supply as the farmer, the land, labour and all...
  16. principal skinner

    Chafer Trailed Sprayer

    Can anyone tell me about the Guardian sprayers please, looking at/for a 4000lt 24m up to 30m boom. What does the boom ride like? How well do they track on headland turns? Centrifugal pump, easy to prime? Anything else to look for please? Finally made the decision to go trailed (been...
  17. principal skinner

    Chalk land rotations

    I’ve 120ha on chalk, not wanting to grow OSR for a few years if ever after this spring, not keen on linseed or peas so going forward I’m thinking, WW-cover(peas/beans/linseed/osr/etc etc)- Sp Barley-cover-WW and repeat Feed wheat after barley will be fine, need a spring crop as BG levels are...
  18. principal skinner

    Chafer Guardian

    Currently running an elderly Housham self propelled and looking at a second hand 4000lt chafer so I can utilise a 185hp tractor and move to liquid N. What are they like? The good, the bad and the ugly please. TIA
  19. principal skinner

    Claas steering

    Anybody using Claas own steering kit on tractors? Looking at a new 650 Arion with the Claas system factory fitted.
  20. principal skinner

    Arable imposter

    We/I am predominantly arable farmers but have a few grass paddocks around the farm, having worked with livestock in the past I would like to have a few beef animals about the place as a paying hobby. We have a large equestrian business and there are always bales of hay that the customers decide...