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  1. jon9000

    Farm plastic waste collection

    Does anyone know if ccr are still on the go at breighton air field. Or another options
  2. jon9000

    Putting google sheets on to gtx 750

    Is there a way of doing this or is it easier to buy another ipad?
  3. jon9000

    Help with using xero to help predict tax liabiltes for the current tax year

    Sorry if that sounds a bit long winded but was going to try and have a rough idea of my profitability before the year end... I'm guessing I use the profit and loss but could do with some help! Tia
  4. jon9000

    Stable block

    Thinking of diversifying into doing livery on a few horses. Got the land and fencing but need some stables... thinking of buying some flat pack ones and putting them up myself next winter...... any recommendations?
  5. jon9000

    Surface for infront of farm house

    Woukd like something smooth ideally tarmac or concrete is there any thing else out these more aesthetically pleaseing
  6. jon9000

    Belting repairs for conveyor

    Just have a slit in a piggy back and recommendations for repair man yorkshire
  7. jon9000

    What rollers for new rollers

    Just ordering a new set.... was going to go 24inch rings with cleaner spacers between. What's best for crops that have emerged
  8. jon9000

    Farm dogs and tax relief

    Just wondering when is a dog allowed to be classed as a farm dog for tax relief purposes. Do you have to have livestock?
  9. jon9000

    Long handel bull float

    Planning on laying a few concrete base and trying to make the job as easy as possible. Seen one at toolstation for 250 quid however has square edges would round be better?
  10. jon9000

    upgrading Radio in Discovery4

    been out delivering post cards and really think the wifes audio needs an upgrade.... its a 13 plate with a small screen at the top. any recommendation TIA
  11. jon9000

    Best battery vaccum cleaner for office....

    Best put my tin hat on... going to use in the house asswell
  12. jon9000

    Mains electric fence unit

    Just need something for some horses seen some for 60 quid on amazon. ... any good
  13. jon9000

    Contract farming agrements for 2020 season

    Has anyone worked many of these out? Values must be well down on last year
  14. jon9000

    1 year old ex hire stockist of tractors?

    Traditionally bought from richard bland. However he doesn't do it any more. Any other suppliers ideally case new holland
  15. jon9000

    Folding 4 meter combi recommendations

    After another wet backend I've about given up with the rapid..... it's a real pita in wet Octobers. Still a great drill and I'm intending on keeping it as you cant have too many drills seeing another post. A guy local to us has a solitaire 9 which looks a great drill. Its main job will be...
  16. jon9000

    Retro fitting roll over sheets onto 14ton trailer

    Can anyone point me in the right direction. Planning on building an extension frame then bolting the sheet on
  17. jon9000

    Slow punctures on floatation tyres

    Does anyone have any easy ways to locate a slow pucture and then repair it on a flotation tyre?
  18. jon9000

    waste oil heater for work shop recommendations please

    can anyone point me in the right direction. have loads of waste oil so could be a good system however could also put lots of halogen heaters around the walls
  19. jon9000

    Best tool chest/ box for back of pick up with canopy?

    Need to be more organised next year with a collection of tools always with me.... ant ideas sgs?
  20. jon9000

    Situation Vacant Full time tractor driver 5 miles east of york

    Please email [email protected] working on a large arable potato farm.