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    20/21 March year end cash flow.

    How have peoples costs gone this year? Cash flow/budget has gone very well here but holding on to cash has been tricky gobbled up by one offs, sheds and big increases in stock numbers. Nearly all of ours have dropped including labour which is historically very high for us. Big jump has come in...
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    Fertiliser record spread sheet or program

    Does anyone have something for recording fertiliser and slurry applications that produces a running total?
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    Matermacc equipment

    Is anyone familiar with Matermacc seeding equipment? Im after a drill to go on the back of a kuhn 3m power harrow to sow 250-400 acres of wheat, barley, turnips and covercrops. I'd rather a mechanical drill if possible and found these...
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    404M Teagle chop length

    I want a 404M to mill straw for the dry cow rations. Does anyone have one, can you get a short chop length? I see you can put a different screens in, dealer says it has a 20mm screen in at the moment and you can go smaller
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    Cheap horse power / finding spec.

    I was looking to see how much a second hand tractor would be to go on a big tanker, triple mowers etc Is there a tractor data website...
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    More days/mornings off or shorter easier day

    The question is would you rather have a shorter easier working day and go home earlier or would you have more days/mornings off? Ramble below. We put 320 to 350 cows through a very nice and well equipped parlour but it's in an old building so exit is slow and handling is non existent. It's...
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    Health insurance

    Don't know how many people have it or how much more expensive it is for any of you geriatrics. Its been money well spent for me, £600 a year no excess and very comprehensive. Think you could get it as low as £400 with moderate excesses and cover. Went in with a bad shoulder scanned and ready to...
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    Soil organic carbon/Soil organic matter.

    With everything thats going on in the wider industry I've decided to get the ball rolling on increasing our soil organic matter/carbon. Plan is to under sow the maize, cover crop the wheat stubbles over winter and move a lot of the FYM from youngstock to an arable farm 6 miles away. I really...
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    Non salary staff perks.

    Beside their salary, do you provide staff with any extra perks? We do a lot already to make the work places as desirable as possible rubber matting in the parlour, change equipment regularly etc We started tackling mastitis a few years ago and every time we dropped 5 cases per 100 we got rid...
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    YouTube channel Nicks farm, Claydon drill.

    I was watching some of his drilling videos. I was surprised how much soil his drill was moving. Is that normal for a Claydon?
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    Sowing stubble turnips/rape.

    Whats the best way to establish turnips/rape in wheat stubble? I only have a T6.165, fert spinner and 3m power harrow currently. Some of the stubbles will be clean, some will have box muck and some will have slurry. I was thinking of a Moore drill or a stubble cultivator with a seeder?
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    Which cows to breed off.

    We've ended up with twice as many heifers as we need due to the effectiveness of sexed semen. It appears that farms are serving all their heifers and up to 3rd calvers with sexed then beef on everything older. Surely it is the old cows genetics we want to keep. As those are the ones that have...
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    Calf-Tel hutches.

    30 Calf-Tel hutches for sale. Will come with weld mesh fronts and bottle holders. £170 each. Contact Edward 07753120965 Chester Area
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    Oxford Real Farming Conference

    So I've been at the ORFC for the past few days on behalf of someone else. All the talks I've been to bar one have had this underlying socialist agenda. They want all farm land turned over to the people. Viva la revolution? I felt like a pilgrim in an unholy land. On reflection it was I the...
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    How often do new employees not turn up.

    I've just had a new employee not turn up and they've blocked my number. Does this happen to other people? I don't know why she couldn't have got in touch and said look I'm not coming. I spoke to my best friend who owns a law firm and he said he has senior people who sign contract not turn up!
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    Removing parlour feeders.

    Has anyone taken out their parlour feeders/trought and replaced them with a rail. We have effectively stopped using our feeders. Has anyone got any experience?
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    Situation Vacant Herdsperson position.

    We are looking to expand our team with an additional herdsperson. Training and accommodation available.
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    400 cow + herds what parlours and how many staff members.

    How are people milking their medium sized herds, how many milkings are people doing and who is doing them? 400 cows 200 youngstock Housed during winter and everything is out day/night asap in the spring. 38:38 parlour 4 hours am 3 hours pm. Two people milking and The parlour is old and slow...
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    Used 8 ton digger + would it be big enough for a saw blade?

    I have enough work going forward to warrant buying an 8 ton digger. Work would mainly be ditching, reclaiming overgrown field edges and getting building sites ready. Where would I look for a machine, I'm in Cheshire? Also could you fit a saw blade to an 8 ton machine?
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    Situation Vacant Herdsperson, South of Chester.

    Herdsperson required for 400 cow unit in Cheshire An opportunity has arisen for a herdsperson to work within our team to assist with all aspects of the farming operations. Key areas of the role include TMR feeding, overseeing grazing, general herd health, fertility and milking. The farm...