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    BKT or Alliance tyres

    Hi, any feed back on either of these tyre brands being better than the other please? Within £20 of each other. 16.9 R34’s on a fairly low use stock tractor - hence the ‘budget’ choice.
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    MF250 clutch not disengaging gears

    Got an MF250 that suddenly won’t change gear. Suddenly for no apparent reason clutch has basically stopped working. To get a gear I started it in gear & crashed the high/low lever in to gear, if you depress the clutch nothing happens, it keeps driving. All external linkages appear ok & working...
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    Hurlimann transmission switch

    My Hurlimann XT908 has stopped starting, gradually got worse over the last week. I’m sure it’s the shuttle transmission safety switch - does anyone know where it’s located? I’ve been underneath & can’t find anything! Google’s not been any use. Think it’ll be the same as a Same Silver? Any help...
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    Pottinger HIT540N

    I’m fancying a Tedder to replace haybob. Don’t have a huge work load for it but mow with a drum mower & in older hay type meadows this leaves a swath that the haybob struggles to tear apart evenly. I make haylage & jay & have a nice side line selling to horse people so want to make quality bales...
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    Hurlimann XT908

    Have come across a tidy one of these with a loader. Would be main tractor on 100ac sheep farm so no hard work! Making hay, topping, handling bales type work. It would be 20 yrs newer than current tractor so a bit of a step up. Any opinions or things to look out for? I guess it’s a Same in...
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    BMB plowmate

    My Dad has 3 of these plus various implements to sell. Has anyone any suggestions the best place to do so? I guess EBay but you get so many idiots on there it’s off putting! 2 machines are complete 1 is spares, 1 runs, the other probably would & the 3rd definitely wouldn’t! Iron wheels, rubber...
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    MF810 Loader

    Ive found an MF810 loader for sale at a reasonable price. Does anyone know or have experience of 1 of these loaders on a 290? Google suggests that this loader series were an update of the 880 etc & they've some nice features like euro headstock. I'm not sure if an 810 is for a 3cylinder tractor...
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    Concrete sealer

    Please can I have recommendations for a sealing product for a newly laid concrete floor in a barn. Won't see that much traffic but will be a workshop/ emergency lambing shed overflow if the weathers crap. Don't want the floor to dust up all the time or oil leaks etc to soak in. Cheers!
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    DMax seatbelt sensor

    The seatbelt sensor in my DMax really gets on my nerves, has anyone disconnected it & if so how please? Also has anyone experienced the belt coming undone on its own? Annoying & dangerous
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    Isuzu Dmax - auto or manual?

    I'm looking for some opinions on the Dmax auto or manual gearboxes please? I've been offered either at same spec/price. I've driven auto's & liked them but never actually owned one! Work load is general running about to work etc, being a farm wheel barrow & some towing altho we tend to use the...
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    Getting rid of the smell of silage of your hands

    Has anyone any tips on getting rid of the silage stink off your hands? Normally make hay but crap weather meant silage was only option. Filled some feeders tonight & even I think I stink! My wife's not impressed & I can't imagine my work colleagues tomorrow will be either! (Work in an office!)...
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    I'm looking for some information from anyone who's experience of a Swale/Texel cross please. I've about 100 Swales, with shearlings & better ewes put to Swale tup as replacements/expansion with the remainder to the BFL for mules, this means I sweep with the Swale tup leading to later born Swales...
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    International 445D knotters

    If any one has an international 445D baler they're breaking for spares we're looking for a set of knotters - thanks
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    MF 290

    Hello all I'm going to see a 4wd 290 tomorrow is there anything specific to look out for? Its a Sankey cab 3 stick model with 4000 odd hrs if the clocks to be believed - I appreciate its about 30 yrs old so general wear & tear is to be expected. Any feed back great fully received
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    RPA Sheep Inspection

    I got a Fone call this morning from an RPA inspector telling me they'll be coming to do an inspection on Monday. I understand they want to see movement licenses/ holding register & scan sheep ear tags + a total count - is there anything else they'll need? This all seems a bit pointless when they...