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    New Holland Tedder

    Are they not essentially a rebadged JF one?
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    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    When I was about 10 or so I had an unexpected (face to face stuff) close encounter with an Adder, its rather put me off snakes.
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    Farmer Roy's Random Thoughts - I never said it was easy.

    Could just mean there was only one there for a long time . . . That doesn't sound any better to me!!
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    Kvernland exacta cl fertiliser spreader

    @hilux , have you got to the bottom of the problem now? It looks like you have had a pretty thorough investigation, were the nylon discs torn?
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    State of your crops?

    Had a bit of a walkabout today. Looked at some Oats. I'm happy with these. Then on to some beans, they are still a bit small for my liking. Then on to some wheat. It's some Zyatt, planted in the last week of September. I'm quite pleased with it so far, its has 170kgs of N so far and due N3...
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    Speed sensor from TM NH to calibrator zurf on a bogballe.

    This is what we have on our TM, it's a speed sensor for the control box on our Kubota fert spreader.
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    Mouse plague in Aus....... what a mess.

    I also have no experience of a plague, but I am reminded of a conversation with my Grandmother when doing a school project. Following her husband who was working as a Mining Engineer, my grandmother lived and worked all around the world just after WW11, in some unusual and odd ball countries...
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    Kvernland exacta cl fertiliser spreader

    There is a nylon plate on both sides, make sure you check both, if one has torn then the other either has, or is about to, they were not expensive from memory. The tear in the nylon is not always obvious so it might be necessary to dismantle the sandwich of couplings and the damper plate.
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    Kvernland exacta cl fertiliser spreader

    The nylon disc that I described is in the above picture, its shown almost complete in the bottom left corner, to the left of item no 13
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    Kvernland exacta cl fertiliser spreader

    Very good, Kubota own Kv and Vicon, so the machines are available in all 3 colours and branding. We had a Vicon RS XL, now up graded to a Kubota with weigh cells and a bigger hopper.
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    Kvernland exacta cl fertiliser spreader

    Next to the gearbox on either side (under the spreading disc) there is a rubber or nylon disc, like a damper plate, its designed to take out the pto engagement snatch. Over time it tears and generally fails. Have a look there.
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    Recommend Me A Milling Wheat

    Zyatt? We were growing Crusoe and like you found it a pain to thresh. In our experience it would fit your criteria, picture taken last week.
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    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    I think that I might have had it all!
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    Who's worried about the lack of rain?

    Not sure if I should post this..... It was empty last night, first rain in exactly 1 month. Very welcome too.
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    What van, farm vehicle?

    Actually i think that @Chae1 found some cash down the back of the sofa and has bagged this, Used 2018 Mercedes-Benz G Class BiTurbo V8 AMG For Sale (U15489228) | A&M Car Sales ( Full on Russian Mafia chic!!
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    Dening 'Somerset' PTO saw bench

    I think that the lever you are talking about is effectively a clutch, so in your 2nd position you have disengaged the drive. .........I think!
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    What van, farm vehicle?

    Drove past this this morning. Any good? Railway station is a 5 min walk away! 2014 Fiat Fiorino 16v Multijet SX £4,995 (
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    Today NOT at work

    A day out in the glorious spring sunshine for the Sahara family today. Went down to Devon to see @Muddyroads , to collect a birthday cake and pie for my daughters 17th. It was all I could do to stop her eating them on the return journey! It will be a long wait until Tuesday! Many thanks for...
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    Air drill or Box drill

    Yes. I've used it to sow Grass Seed and OSR.