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  1. The Ruminant

    Entitlements wanted

    Morning, I'm looking for 5.38 ha of entitlements if anyone has any at the back of the cupboard....!! Thanks, Tom
  2. The Ruminant


    When did bullocks become steers? I grew up calling them bullocks. Not sure when or what happened but everyone round here now calls them by the American name, “steers”. How did that happen?
  3. The Ruminant

    CSS Payment dates

    Does anyone know on what dates payments are made with a CSS Wildlife Package? In other words, how soon after the start of the agreement would we get paid and is it 6-monthly or annually? I'm assuming it's 12 months after the start of the agreement and that it's an annual payment, would this be...
  4. The Ruminant

    Blackthorn suckers

    How do people control them? Flail / top / spray / sheep / goats / chemical / fire(!) / other? How often do you have to repeat your control method?
  5. The Ruminant

    Water in tyres

    Another question about my Ford 4000. It’s got a front end loader on which I use regularly. With a decent sized bale it can get a bit light on the back end. Someone has suggested putting water / anti-freeze mix in the rear tyres for ballast. Are there any downsides I need to think about? For...
  6. The Ruminant

    Anyone reintroduced cattle?

    I’ve been hunting extra grazing for my cattle herd and it got me thinking: Have any arable farmers on here entered into agreements with near-neighbours? If so, what terms, ie handshake(!), grazing licence, short-term FBT, share/contract farming agreement etc? Also, if you have thought about...
  7. The Ruminant

    Basic tractor questions

    What are the rules and restrictions when towing with a tractor? I’ve an old Ford 4000, what’s the maximum trailer weight I can pull with this and is there a length restriction? What about brakes? As a separate and even more basic question (I’m a true dog & stick farmer..) what harm does leaving...
  8. The Ruminant

    What breed of hen?

    The plan is a mobile chicken hutch with moveable electric netting - the chickens will follow the cattle round and hopefully get lots of their food from the insects in the cow pats etc. Therefore I don’t want 330 eggs-per-year birds, that will need lots of supplementary feeding. I want good...
  9. The Ruminant

    Plastic hurdles

    Are plastic hurdles still available for cattle? Huntsmoor Park Farm used to sell them but I can’t find them anymore - I guess Bill may have retired by now. Does anyone else sell them? I found a horsey site but they wanted horsey money for them....!!
  10. The Ruminant

    Best jumper

    I like a good, chunky woollen jumper. I’ve tried woo lovers but find quality v poor. I’m currently wearing a Samuel Windsor - poor finish but ok once you’ve sewn up the badly sewn seams etc. What is everyone else wearing, Jumper wise?
  11. The Ruminant

    British Standards for building new CSS tracks

    The guidance given in the handbook for building new tracks, under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme, says "all capital works carried out must meet the relevant British Standards - examine copies of the most up-to-date standards for guidance". It doesn't say what the relevant British Standards...
  12. The Ruminant

    Ford 4000 pick-up hitch

    As the title says, I'm after a pickup hitch for a Ford 4000. I have a drawbar but ideally need a hook too. Thanks
  13. The Ruminant


    Anyone growing high oleic safflower in the uk? Anyone know where to source seed from? Thanks
  14. The Ruminant

    Forage rye

    I’ve got some forage rye, drilled a short while ago and now emerging. What stage of growth will I need to let it get to before I graze it for the first time and how hard (or not) can I graze it?
  15. The Ruminant

    Farmer returns tyres to fly tipper

    From today’s paper:
  16. The Ruminant

    9 i/c Hereford & HerefordX heifers

    Well grown 26-31month old hereford & hereford-cross heifers, pd scanned in calf and due in late autumn to a purebred Sussex bull. We are in a TB4 area (Hertfordshire). I’d like £1,150 per head but open to sensible offers Sorry the photos are sideways on. One day I’ll get it right....
  17. The Ruminant

    Disappearing chickens!

    My foray into a very small chicken enterprise has not gone well, as all eight chickens from the first hatch have disappeared. They hatched on 1st June so were reasonably well grown. They were in a pen that had electric netting round the outside. When I went to check on them a few days ago...
  18. The Ruminant

    Forage rye for grazing

    I'm a forage rye novice and looking for advice on varieties to graze (winter / early spring). Humboldt is the go-to varierty, I'm told, but I understand it's out of stock. I've been offered Dukato, which is listed as a 'population rye', the info sheet gives no details on its grazing potential...
  19. The Ruminant

    Mule replacement

    We've had a couple of Kawasaki Mules and have been very disappointed with them. The current one is three years old and needs a new engine rebuild at a cost of £3k to £3.5k. The dealership has offered £3k for it in its current condition. This means it has depreciated £8.6k in a little over 3...
  20. The Ruminant

    Interesting day

    Had a bull stuck in a ditch yesterday, on some land I rent, 30 miles from home. After an unsuccessful hour or more of spadework, I called on a neighbouring farmer. He was flat out harvesting but willingly gave up his time and brought his teleporter with him. Two more hours of straps and pulling...