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  1. principal skinner

    Bad debt

    Night time. Balaclava. 3 foot length of blue water pipe. Element of surprise.
  2. principal skinner

    Andrew Blenkiron

    Wife is easy, you want to try having the mother in law as finance director 🤐
  3. principal skinner

    Andrew Blenkiron

    How quaint to have your employer to pay for your hobby.He must be very very busy if he only finds enough time to to escape the office for a couple of hours a day. The majority of the day is spent kissing Moselys arse, surprise RT inspections and choosing which insults to throw at us peasants...
  4. principal skinner

    Andrew Blenkiron

    It’s just a publicity stunt, printed for free by FW blowing smoke up his and RT’s arses. I stand by my previous comment, he’s is a cock.
  5. principal skinner

    N Rates Applied

    Current levels WW 220 will get another 40-60 as Gp1’s W Oats 140 Sp Oats 115
  6. principal skinner

    Farmers earn more from YouTube than their crops

    Olly was busy filming a contractor spreading fert for him this week and also busy looking for work for all the attachments he has bought for the manipoo. He did manage to wash the loader all on his own but it took all day. Its cringe worthy to watch the little stroker.
  7. principal skinner

    John Deere 8R experts needed, coolant pressure problem ?

    ours had two egr coolers and a head gasket before i saw sense and sent it up the road.
  8. principal skinner

    Feed Oats 😉

    Approx 4t Elyann Oats for sale, £130/t collected LU postcode. Weighbridge available nearby.
  9. principal skinner

    S Oats or S Linseed

    Claas rotaries and linseed don’t always mix well
  10. principal skinner

    Autumn manure banned

    Sewage sludge?
  11. principal skinner

    Mass Trespass?

    Make sure the slurry tanker is full.....
  12. principal skinner

    Andrew Blenkiron

    @AM_Arable, the above pages are what we your readers think of your farmer focus writer, he’s needs to go. Regards The Bad, naive backstabbers.
  13. principal skinner

    Andrew Blenkiron

    The more people the email the FW the more he is discredited. It will really pee him off too.
  14. principal skinner

    Andrew Blenkiron

    Another letter is needed to the FW to again point out he is using his farmer focus piece for another agenda. He’s a 🔔🔚 that needs to focus on his main job and then maybe the awful soil erosion and blatant failure of the rules of the organisation he represents would not happen.
  15. principal skinner

    Andrew Blenkiron

    Personally I think he’s a cock
  16. principal skinner

    Village People.......

    My point of buy a feckin map and stick to the path has been liked and applauded by the majority on the village page. The muppet has gone quite........ so has the wife.
  17. principal skinner

    Village People.......

    Spread a field of grass today with N, no footpaths across it on the out skirts of the village. Tonight I’m the bad guy on Facebook as somebody who doesn’t even live in the village walked their dog on it, they ate some of the prills which tasted ‘vile’ and apparently it the dog is sick I’m paying...
  18. principal skinner

    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    Top man @warksfarmer, one day I will buy you a beer!
  19. principal skinner

    Could a self assured scheme be better than RT?

    I won’t load Fridays unless I know it’s being tipped Monday. Two years ago I sold borderline GP2 wheat to a merchant and he knew full well its was borderline on the protein. No problem he said, we will send it to Manchester, if it gets rejected it can go around the corner to the feed mill. I...
  20. principal skinner

    The Red Tractor ACCS referendum

    I spoke with three middle aged ladies who were walking where they shouldn’t today, after pointing out the error of their ways they were genuinely interested in what was going on on the farm so I posed the question, do you look for the red tractor logo when shopping, one had never heard of it...