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    Whole Crop Spring Barley

    How late can you realistically plant Spring Barley for whole crop ? What sort of tonnage could you expect to get off a decent crop ( say 2.5 tonne to acre combine crop )
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    Straw choppers, Kverneland 832 and Teagle 808

    Been offered a couple of straw choppers as above Kv 832 is trailed Teagle mounted. Looking to make bedding down easier for cattle and or sheep yards Any feed back on the models would be appreciated. Many Thanks MGH .'
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    Massey 1839 and 1840 conventional balers

    Looking at purchasing 1839 second hand, are there any issues to be aware of ? Seem to remember there was some kind of upgrade on feed augers ?? Are there many differences to the newer 1840 other than knotted fan and more string storage Any experiences welcome Thanks MGH
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    Fencer Units - Thieving S..mbags

    Recently had 2 fencer units and batteries stolen from fodder crop grazing 😡😡 Any innovative ideas to stop the scumbags pinching more ???? Thanks MGH
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    Nordsten Roto Matic CLP 300 drill help !

    Recently purchased a Nordsten Roto-Matic CLP300 Drill on power harrow . Does anyone have a manual or setting for using with grass seeds Any help much appreciated Thanks MGH
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    Sulky DPX 1204 12/28 Fert Spinner

    Just acquired a Sulky 1204 fert spinner 2nd hand and looking for some advice on setting up for 12m spread and fert settings Any members with experience I would be grateful for a little help Many Thanks MGH
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    Stubble Turnips and Club Root

    Been offered a field for stubble turnips but told 5 years ago had some club root in osr on same field. I’m told you can get resistant osr seed. Will st turnips be affected and or can you get resistant varieties etc ??? Any help appreciated
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    Loader Tractor Tyre Pressures

    Just wondering your views on tyre pressures for loader tractor. We have recently taken to a MF 5712 (66 plate) with loader including soft-ride. Unfortunately no cab suspension. Tractor used for general farm duties including loading and delivering hay bales. Finding it very uncomfortable and...
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    Fencing For Horses

    Has anyone got an indication of costs for the following fencing for horses. Post and three rails using machine round posts and half round rails Alternatively machine round posts with horse spec wire and a half round rail over. Many Thanks MGH
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    Blackie Store Hoggs

    Where is the best place in the back end to purchase Blackie store hoggs, always been impressed with how good a shape they can come as finished hoggs and thought I might try afew. Secondly how much of a pain are they to farm especially behind electric fences
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    Feeding Oats

    I have been offered some oats to feed, At £100 per tonne they don’t seem very expensive and I’m assured they are a good sample. Looking to use them to stretch out barley mix for store cattle, or to add to lamb pellets to help fatten lambs. Are any of you feeding oats and what are the issues...
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    Straw chopper feedback

    Looking for a 2nd hand straw chopper to bed cattle yards and sheep yards, not wanting to spend a fortune £2000/£3000. Been looking at Teagle 80/80 trailed, are they any good ?? Or other model recommendations Any help would be appreciated Thanks MGH
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    Cubicle Scrapers

    Looking for two cubicle scrappers to fit into rope type cubicle scraping system. Second hand not a problem as may only be used this winter Grateful of any help
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    Red Clover

    I have inherited a field of grass which is 75% red clover which is in flower, 18 inches high with plenty of mature docks in . Can’t really turn the sheep in and would have issues with affecting fertility of ewes. Only option is to bale and wrap, how good a feed is clover and any tips on making...
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    Please Read and For Goodness Sake Stay Safe

    Please read and reflect ! The last week has seen another tragic loss in our farming industry and as a result a well respected farming family are mourning the loss of a fine young man who was a credit to both his family and British farming. We are all busy and we work long hours, often alone...
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    Covering Silage Clamps

    What are you using to put on top of uncovered/outdoor grass silage clamps ? Looking to make a clamp which may be a one off, cover with cling film type plastic with black sheet on top, the question is what next as a cost effective cover/ weight. We do not have a supply of tyres. Any advice welcomed
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    Winter housing bulling heifers

    what is the going rate for winter housing. ? Heifers housed in cubicles farmer providing shed, silage (clamp or baled) and scrapping out. Owner responsible for vet and med. Thanks MGH
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    Mchale Static wrapper

    Has anyone experience of using a Mchale static wrapper that will do both square and round bales at the stack. Understand they don’t make them anymore but have the chance to buy one secondhand. Thanks MGH
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    JCB 526S Loadall spares

    Are there any recommended alternative sites for spare parts for JCB loadalls other than the obvious dealership network. Many Thanks MGH
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    Welder RP220 Master Round Baler

    Been looking for a decent 2nd hand baler at reasonable price to do our own hay and haylage plus small amount of straw. Been offered the above Welger done 25K bales farmer owned. Seems a sound machine. Is there anything to look out for on these models. Any comments or recommendations? Many Thanks...