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  1. TexelBen

    Dabro slitter aerator

    Recently bought this second hand, seems to be doing a good job. Replaced some bolts that were worn/loose holding the blades on, But still lost a blade somewhere 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ I've googled but can't find where to buy new blades, anyone got any ideas?
  2. TexelBen

    TexX ewes - which Tup to use?

  3. TexelBen

    Crows spoiling bales

    2 mins out of Skipton, how much?
  4. TexelBen

    what are pet lambs worth?

    Can you send some of the £50 customers round to me?
  5. TexelBen

    Easycare ewe lambs and copper.

    Sheep? Sure to die, We've had both texel and Suffolk crossed ewes get into one and die, maybe just our bad luck, but I wouldn't want to risk it 😢
  6. TexelBen

    Easycare ewe lambs and copper.

    I dare say a cow copper bucket would kill them off.
  7. TexelBen

    What breed for outdoor lambing

    Where's the Charmoise? @MRT will be sad 😢
  8. TexelBen

    Jimny Conversion - Anyone done one?

    Finding a rhd diesel one seems to be the hard bit
  9. TexelBen

    Sheep profits??

    Might just brim the pickup with diesel, if I can stretch to it 🤔🤔
  10. TexelBen

    Day old duckling prices?

    What are they like as adults? How do they differ from chooks?
  11. TexelBen

    Day old duckling prices?

    What they like to look after day to day? I've heard they're a bit simple 🤣 Got a few chickens, eggs are selling well, got some copper blacks in the incubator. Was thinkin of some Cayuga ducks for nice dark eggs to sell too
  12. TexelBen

    Chicken shite

    I can get you loads in Ireland 🤣🤣 Have you got a big wheel barrow?
  13. TexelBen

    Advice for new converts?

    Not bad, rotated ewes and lambs pretty well. All ewes are inside again, lambing starts on Thursday. We've soil tested the whole farm, gonna try get that sorted asap, hopefully with pH sorted and p&k where they need to be, we'll see more improvement. Still struggling for grass in winter, ewes...
  14. TexelBen

    Lambing rechargeable torch recommendations

    I've got 2, the head torch and the warrior X, bloody good torches. Just to note, they charge through the on/off button, took me ages to figure it out! The warrior X will throw light for a kilometre, seems about right!
  15. TexelBen

    How much nitrogen?

    What? Why?
  16. TexelBen

    How much nitrogen?

    True, but if pH is low then money would be better spent on lime? The lower the pH, the less effective N is? ( I think 🤣)
  17. TexelBen

    Sheep rotational grazing

    How's it going 5 years on? 🤣🤣🤣
  18. TexelBen

    Roan Calves

    You've posted this twice from 2 different accounts? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  19. TexelBen

    Too late to heptavac?

    Think you can do 1st jab at 3 weeks old iirc
  20. TexelBen

    Too late to heptavac?

    Better late than never! It's bloody close tho, take it steady with them 👍