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    Game Chickens

    Hybridising with game birds or jungle fowl birds to create something more self sufficient. Interesting stuff!
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    Striped vermin eaten

    I wonder if this would be a lawful accident here in Britain with other striped intruders? The Guard Dogs Act 1975 (1)A person shall not use or permit the use of a guard dog at any premises unless a person (“the handler”) who is capable of controlling the dog is present (7c) ' “premises”...
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    Reintroduction of Lynx & Wolves in England

    Telegraph / MSN Boris Johnson and a powerful group of cabinet ministers, including Lord Goldsmith and Michael Gove, are enthusiastic about the idea of reintroducing...
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    Cattle stranded on ship in Spain must be destroyed, say vets

    Spanish officials recommend 864 cows that have been at sea for two months are no longer fit for transport. More than 850 cows that have spent months aboard a ship wandering across the Mediterranean are no longer fit for transport any more and should be killed, according to a confidential report...
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    Aubrac Cattle. Thoughts?

    Apparently this French breed is becoming more popular in Ireland, what do you think of the breed? Anyone in Britain keeping them? The Bull is called Dauphin
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    Why isn't milk sold as a convenience drink?

    Curious as to why it might be that I never see milk sold in the convenience fridge at the shop, with the water, cola and sandwich meal deals. It's always at the back of the store in pints, never in a 330ml or 500ml bottle that's more comfortable to drink from on the go. The closest I've seen...
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    Are land prices on the way down?

    Considering possible changes to subsidies, trade policy, and other government actions, do you think land values will fall over the next 5 years?
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    Back to Back breeding Ewes on First Cycle

    Is it feasible to breed Ewes for their first lamb, then immediately put the rams in when the first lamb drops to rebreed at first cycle, if so how would you do it? I suppose it might be hard on young first time lambing Ewes.
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    Building on dairy cross heifers

    I am wondering how many generations it is worthwhile breeding dairy cross cattle for as a suckler herd. As I understand it, one might use dairy cross heifers sired by a beef bull as mothers for a suckler herd, raising one quarter dairy animals for the hook, but generally it would be usual to...