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    Guess the weight gain

    Which animals gain weight the quickest,Monday ,a litter of 5 Jack Russell's born,I have monitored 1 out of interest.Anybody care to guess its weight gain in the first 60 hrs
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    Business interuption insurance

    As the title says, does anyone know anything about the test case at the moment as articled in the FW this week,
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    Contrails and clouds

    I will bring this up again but I am a real believer that contrails seed clouds,today being a perfect example.Please all look tomorrow and see what I mean
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    Hydraulic motor on straw spreader

    Is it possible that a hydraulic motor can become lazy,the reason being that I have a kv straw spreader that the bed chain stops and starts.The control box and solenoids have been eliminated as I have plumbed motor straight in to spare spool valve
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    Hare coarsing with drones

    Anybody else had the coarsers around with drones.We have a local waterboard pumphouse in area which most years is plagued with coarsers which happens to be manned at the moment 24 hrs a day for security reasons.Last weekend 4 drones were seen flying over the area in the dark
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    Is Shropshire a new breed of cattle ?

    Just wandering whether they graze this new breed in Ireland,picture of a steak in local independent supermarket in Shropshire
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    How much wheat will be harvested tomorrow

    Good day forecast ,big crops and perfect conditions what %of crop will be got on saturday
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    Best ad blu pump for 205 l barrel

    Any recommendations please,we use an Ibc but at this time of year would like to take a barrel out and about
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    Back filling drains with straw

    Straw will be in plentiful supply this year so will this work,we did some drains 2 years ago and they have run really well ,but broke the bales up and chucked the wads in,this time just put the bales in just at an angle so as wedged just above pipe so should not disturb it
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    knee high last weekend to waist /shoulder high this weekend ,there is one crop certainly liking this weather
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    half full or half empty

    perhaps it is time to split the forum as it is so obvious which posters are optimistic and which are pessimistic,but it does make interesting reading.I hope I know which camp I'm in although it is very difficult to ever keep mine above half way
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    rock salt and licks for animal health

    do housed animals benefit from rock salt and mineral licks ie crystalyx easy breather or do they help spread disease by continually licking at the same spot
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    shearing cattle backs at housing

    what advantage is there in clipping cattles backs.We have done it before but wouldn't know whether there was an advantage but somebody mentioned today that it may help in combatting pneumonia in weaned bulls
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    hare coarsing and tooth fairies

    They seem to be very similar, you know they are coming, you never see them but you know they have been next morning.What time of night do they come.Trouble is I am sure they are not fairies
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    Please Help - Ruperts Revenge

    This is my first post so not sure where to put it(so please move if need be).One of the members on here has a seriously ill son who requires ground breaking treatment in America,and presently there is afund raising campaigntaking placeto raise £750000,which can be found by googling Rupert's...