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    Interested on thoughts about a discordon. Rear packer wear , how do you know if it's fecked , all packers wear out eventually it's just a case of can you refurbish or is it a scrap bin . We had a demo 20 years ago of a 3.2 m , pulled it with a 7810 , can't remember how well it coped or what...
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    Gregoire Besson Discordon

    Looking for a 3.2 M or maybe a 4M Discordon , must be in good condition
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    I would like to nominate the above as cover crop champion 🏆
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    Getting concerned part 2

    Thought I'd just leave this here Anyone seen my waterproof coat !!!!!!!
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    Who's nicked all the rain out of a showery forecast????

    Day 3 of.a showery forecast and still nothing in the rain gauge to measure ?
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    Linseed 2020

    How's folks linseed doing this season , like everything else a drop of rain would get it motoring
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    It's raining. ?

    I can't be one to complain because we had a lovely 7mm last weekend but the wind soon took it away. But had hopes for this weekend tho forecasters have put us just on the side of any of the proper rainfall. So who has had meaningful amount of rainfall,,,,,,,,, 2mm so far and hoping for more
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    Gadgets for dual wheel removal

    So we are putting a set of duals on our 240 puma for this spring. We used to run duals a few years back but went for wider tyres when we changed tractors, we felt that the bigger wheels on bigger tractors would make putting them on and off difficult So whose made a gadget to make the same...
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    Getting concerned mk11

    A very wet day on Sunday, pretty wet Monday, a very wet night and a very bad forecast for the weekend it's fair to say I'm getting a bit of deja vu., feels like we've been here already ???
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    Measuring rainfall

    I have a couple of rain gauges around and about but had a look at my gauge last night and it measured 10 mm, but I know that as most of the rain we had yesterday was of the horizontal variaty I can't see it being measured ,,,,,, how do they measures horizontal rain?
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    Drilling spring crops into over wintered "weathered" cultivated land

    With out treading on Rich Beach's redrilling thread which is I suppose is for those of you who were brave enough to wander into the fields with drills and seed . This thread is for those of us who have land which was cultivated and were to from here So before last night's 10 mm if rain I went...
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    Feldy ???

    Is he drilled up and buggered off to sunnier climes Or is he cleaning shite from out of the discs of the 750 ???????
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    What % have you sown

    Now the easier ground is being drilled, I thought it would be interesting to find out what has astually been planted by end of today and then perhaps do the same again in a weeks time So my scores on the doors are ,,,,,,,, rape a total failure,,,,,,,, grass seed drilled and coming...
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    Getting concerned

    So who's getting concerned, with 70 mm in the rain gauge since Sunday and a lot more to come over the week I certainly am. If your on free draining soil then probably not but I reside on sticky red marl which can take an age to dry out. Most of the ground is moved and was in good condition...
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    Crappy spring crops

    a couple of pics of some iffy spring crops Some stunted maize , a bit of poor linseed and a few sunflowers to cheer me up.
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    Bean rust

    Wish I’d done it last week Just starting to get a foothold Bugger
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    Okay some idiot has got to do it ,,,,,,,,,,,,, :-) So a well timed T3 went on my wheats , mainly group 1 , between the 3rd and 6th of June 30 % had Teb .75. + Mancozeb 1.5 The other 70% had Proline + Teb ( rate not to hand) With a damp humid outlook for the next couple of weeks...
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    I’m still standing

    Just been to see a field of W Barley which I was worried that it might succumb to having a lie down but glad to see it’s still stood up ,,,,,, for the moment So who hasn’t been so lucky today after some pretty heavy rain
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    Ballasting a tractor

    So we have a Case Puma 240 , I like to run her light as possible for top cultivations and drilling but need some extra weight to get power onto the ground to pull the trailed 3m trio Okay I could put wheel weights on but I can see that once they are on they stay on , she will have a 900 kg...
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    Bean fungicide

    beans are nice and clean although being shredded by pea + bean weevil , so leave well alone or get a protective fungicide on the leaves before rain tomorrow ,