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    13 or 14 tonne excavator

    Looking for a 13 or 14 tonne digger. 5-8000 hours. JCB JS130 type machine ideally.
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    Trimble Greenseeker

    Looking for a couple of Greenseeker sensors to add to an existing system. Would consider a complete setup.
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    N Trip RTK

    Have been using radio RTK and looking at adding N Trip to our base station. Unfortunately no access to the internet near it, so would like to know what kind of data modem, sim card, N trip caster etc would be needed and how to configure it please.
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    Vaderstad Rexius Twin 830

    Looking for a tidy Rexius 830 press. Preferably with 3 rows of raptor tines.
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    Greenstar activations

    Having a different brand of GPS equipment, I don’t have any JD Greenstar experience but would consider it on another JD tractor. Could anyone please explain the pricing structure of the JD system and what would be needed for radio RTK on an autotrac ready tractor ? Thanks.
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    Trimble FMX or CNH FM1000

    Looking for a used Trimble FMX display or the equivalent CNH version.
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    Opico seeder extension cable

    Looking for an extension cable for an Opico Variocast Seeder. Needs to be 3 metres or longer.
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    Trimble EZ pilot platform kit - Cat Challenger 35/45/55

    Looking for an EZ pilot platform kit to fit old style Cat/Claas Challenger 35/45/55.
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    Simba press hydraulic rear drawbar

    Looking for a hydraulic rear drawbar as fitted to Simba Cultipress or Double press. Thanks.
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    Vaderstad drill staggered wheels

    Have gone to a staggered wheel Vaderstad drill and I am finding much more soil builds up on the back of the drill than the non staggered drills did. This means we are having to stop regularly to clean it off. They are supposed to be better in the wet but I am finding just the opposite. Drilled...
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    Trimble Nav 2 controller

    Looking for a used Trimble Nav II controller. Thanks.
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    Claas Challenger 55

    Looking for a tidy Claas Challenger 55 with 6000 hours or less.
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    Maschio 4 metre power harrow

    Looking a Maschio DM4000 power harrow in good condition, preferably with a spiral roller.
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    Amazone CCI100 screen

    Is anyone successfully using one of these for VRA fert spreading?
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    Dale Zero till drill

    Looking for a 6 metre Dale Zertill drill. Old type with seedhawk coulters.
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    Stocks Wizard 10 outlet seeder

    Looking for a 10 outlet Stocks Wizard seeder in good condition. Thanks.
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    710/60 R42 wheels to fit John Deere 69 series

    Looking for a pair of 710/60 R42 wheels to fit a John Deere 69 series tractor. Thanks.
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    Bateman VG 36 metre outer boom sections

    Looking for a pair of outer boom sections (not the breakbacks) for a 36metre Bateman VG boom. Thanks.
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    700mm DD packer

    Looking for a 700 mm DD packer, any width but ideally 4.5 to 5 metres. Or any parts that could be used to make one up such as rings, spools, spacers, bearing pillars, scraper arms etc. Thanks.
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    Kongskilde Paragrubber

    Looking for a used 3 metre Kongskilde Paragrubber subsoiler if anyone knows of one. Thanks.