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    Kverneland i-drill

    Might be going to look at a Kverneland i-drill pro combination. Anyone run one or any opinions? Thanks
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    New Holland expert required.

    Got a 2018 New Holland t6 175 steering ready. Want to get auto steering going. Wanting to know how I can tell if my tractor has a CAN system or not. Any give away signs. Thanks
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    Trimble Nav 500

    Got a Trimble gfx350 and Nav 500. Was thinking of upgrading to auto steer for drilling. Will it run rtx?
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    Straw into diet feeder

    Anyone got a good way of getting a round bales of straw into a diet feeder with out straw blowing everywhere or net getting into the wagon. Thanks
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    Opico drier

    Any one ever changed the burner ring on one.ours has burnt through the tin suround. Thanks
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    JF 900 blades

    Changing blades on the JF but genuine blades are expensive, twice the price of non genuine. But is genuine a better investment?
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    Trailer axle

    Was thinking of putting on mini super singles to replace super singles on a bale trailer. To lower the floor level was considering taking the axles from under the springs and placing them on top. Seems to be plenty of clearance and draw bar can be adjusted to level the floor. Is there a...
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    John Deere 1470 combine

    Thinking about taking a look at a 1470 John Deere. Anyone run one or have an opinion? Thanks
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    JLG Farm Services Norwich

    Anyone had any dealings with them? Have something I'm interested in but too far away to go for a look. Thanks
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    Spray in sprayer

    Rain came on just as I got to the field last night. So sitting with herbicide and mancuflo in the tank. Windy today with passing showers. Been giving it a mix every couple of hours. Do i take the first half chance or sit it out?
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    Horsch pronto in stoney land

    How does a pronto get on with stones? Do they leave many on the surface after drilling?
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    Packer roller

    Is a packer roller like the Amazone wedge ring roller or KV cracker roller much of an advantage on a combi drill over a standard flat tooth roller?
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    Malting Planet

    Any body know of a company buying low nitrogen Planet spring barley in northern Scotland? Thanks
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    Winter Barley straw yields.

    Thinking of putting in some winter barley to get more straw as straw yields of the spring varieties seem to be getting less. What varieties would you recommend. Thanks
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    Pre harvest roundup

    Need to roundup a couple of fields of spring barley next week because of green second tillers. Problem is I'm off on holidays for a week. If I sprayed it a few days early at a lower rate will it work a bit slower?
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    Vicon tedder

    As anyone got a vicon tedder or thoughts on them. Thinking about buying one. Thanks
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    Drill Markers

    Thinking about moving the drill markers from the coulter bar on to the top of the power harrow. Though it might put less stress on linkages and run a bit straighter. Any opinions?
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    Pylon compensation. Ferguson Broadbent

    Got an offer for compensation and to buy a deed of easement for pylons on our land. The agent is Ferguson Broadbent. Anyone had dealings with Ferguson Broadbent and any opinions on giving up the way leave for a deed of easement?
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    Air drill sowing uneven

    Our lely air drill seems to be throwing more seed to one side than the other. Checked the plates on the corner of the stack and they are perfect, not worn and the right shape. The mushroom head is clean and no sign of wear and tare. And the fan is running at the same speed. Got me puzzled...