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    Twin calf %

    Whilst we haven’t finished calving yet, we currently have 15% twins. Seems a lot to me. Wondering if others were seeing more twins than usual or just us, or what might explain an increase?
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    Tyre size question

    Can I safely swap my 265/60/18 truck tyres for a set of 265/65/17 wheels and tyres? I believe hubs are the same so just wheel and tyre size difference
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    Cattle iodine

    Want to get some iodine to pour on the autumn calvers backs but not sure where to get it? Any suggestions please? I’ve had some from Wynstay in the past but they have now shut my local branch. Mole Valley Countrystore aren’t any help as it’s not for horses! Mole Valley Farmer looked at me as if...
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    Applying for a grid connection

    Can someone give me the basics of applying for a grid connection in your own name rather than allowing a developer to do it for you? Is it feasible, how do you apply, what are the costs and timescales? Coming at it from complete ignorance
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    JCB attachments - any good?

    As above, thinking of changing a grain bucket and muck grab. Are JCB's own good, and do they make them themselves or are they a JCB sticker on someone else's product?
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    18.4/15/30 tyre

    Does anyone have a part worn but usable tyre of the above size they no longer need? Preferably down south? Thanks for reading
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    Stewardship GS4

    Has anyone recommendations for a mix for the above? We’ve some to establish soon and am after suggestions for the most productive seed mix that still satisfies the Stewardship requirements. It’s really unlikely to ever be grazed, so all for silage
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    650 and 540 tyres

    A pair of 650/65/38 and a pair of 540/65/28 needed near Salisbury Considering budget or premium depending on price
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    Young bulls

    What age do people recommend starting to use a bull? For a couple of reasons we ended up using one last year at about 15-16 months old on up to 24 cows depending on how many the previous bull had served before being swapped. 22 pd’d positive, one empty, one freemartin. Doesn’t appear to have...
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    Young bulls

    posted in the wrong section. Oops
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    Silage and beet

    Appreciate this a bit how long is a piece of string....but would one bale of silage = 1t of beet for a suckler cow? Roughly!
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    Lucas caster knife sections

    I think our straw chopper could do with new knife sections as it isn’t grabbing the straw very well- is there an alternative to replacing with Lucas ones? They would be over £300
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    Hedge cutting- whose responsibility?

    Is there a definitive rule as to who is responsible for cutting roadside hedges? Is it the landowner or the council/highways?
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    Non-toxic cartridges for sale

    Having a bit of a clear out, I have for sale : 194 Kent tungsten matrix cartridges. 12g. Shot size 5. 30gram load. If you can find them I think they're over £2/shot now! They are paper cartridges, but all in new condition. I'd like £275 for them 210 bismuth forest. 12g. Shot size 6. 30...
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    Non-toxic cartridges

    Having a bit of a clear out as I no longer use the 12 bore. I have for sale : 194 Kent tungsten matrix cartridges. 12g. Shot size 5. 30gram load. If you can find them I think they're over £2/shot now! They are paper cartridges cases but all in new condition. I'd like £275 for them 210...
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    Carp farming

    Does anyone know the gross margin per acre of pond when growing carp for anglers? Or can direct me where I might find some more information?
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    Cars: Audi - A6 Avant

    Cars: Audi - A6 Avant Category: Cars Manufacturer: Audi Price: £3800 Condition: Used Description: Audi A6 Avant 2007 102k miles. Mot until October. CVT gearbox. 1/2 leather Images: See the full size images for this listing on the classifieds by clicking here...
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    Bean haulm for sucklers

    Is bean haulm worth baling for sucklers? I guess it’s quite course and sticky/stick like so not particularly absorbent or kind for feeding? Does it have much nutritional value or an X factor that’s hard to quantify? Would you stick with wheat straw given the choice?
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    Breaking Amazon fert spreaders?

    I'm after a valve block for Amazon ZA-M profits hydro. Any suggestions where I might find a second hand one? Or anyone know of a written off one being broke A? Thanks
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    Low head hydro

    We've been approached by a community fund wishing to install a screw powered turbine in a low head, reasonable flow site. What do you think we should be looking to get out of it? What would you want included in the Heads of Terms? Any other thoughts?