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    Dispensing feeds from tonne bags,Raimo Big Bag Fert.Dispenser

    I have just had a tonne bag delivered. We are a small holding so do not have a feed hopper anything to lift it in to one. Has anyone used one of these, before I spend my money...
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    Working machinery in the 40's

    I don't know if people have already seen this but it shows the transition from horse to machine in the 1940's. It looks blooming hard work, no wonder that they were so thin. I spotted it in Lavenham Guild Hall, which still looks the same just more cars.
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    Has anyone thought of 'over stamping',milk

    The whole milk price thing will probably take ages to sort out, and in the mean time the consumer is stuck in limbo not knowing where to buy from to support the local farmer and everyone else. I have seen they have been clearing the shelves in supermarket, so how about adding sticker, adding an...
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    Recladding a barn/shed

    We have some homemade barns/large sheds. They were made many years ago and clad with asbestos with a tin roof, was mainly used for hay storage. The basic structure is sound, it would be perhaps easier to buy in a metal barn but I do not want the nosy neighbours and the planers having their say...