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    UK Fuels Fuel Card

    We have had one of the above for a long while without any problems. Receive an email weekly with price for the week and weekly bill paid by direct debit. Latest bill arrived this morning. I have not checked the bill for a while as we have been using very little fuel as lambing and Covid...
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    Oil Leak New Holland T6020

    Hi, Not really a machinery man however leading straw today and when I stopped I noticed an hydraulic oil leak from split pin in photograph below. A lot of oil dripping out. It looks like a drain hole to me as pin loose. Anyone know if I am correct and if so what the problem may be and if it...
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    Feeding at side of Polytunnel

    We are planning a polytunnel for sheep housing for next year 100ft x 30, it was to be for this year however, did not get around to it more's the pity. I do not like the idea of central feed passage as wastes a lot of space. Current thinking is to split into 3 pens, let first pen out to feed in...
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    New Holland t6020 steering cylinder

    Anyone advise on how to remove steering cylinder on t6020. The ring that attaches to the wheel has opened up and needs replacing. Last time it happened local mechanic bent it back round pin and welded it up but hasn't lasted and is now beyond reshaping. I thought easy job, 2 pins out take to...
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    Suzuki KingQuad clutch/drive belt problem

    Hi all, Relatively new to forum and to doing own repairs however, son now keen to give repairs a go so thought it was a Good idea that he changed drive belt when it broke. Simple belt changed. When we started bike it moves in neutral, problem! Googled problem and looked like it may be one way...