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    Crows !

    Any effective methods to scare them there taking the pee here out of the gas guns a scarecrows ?
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    liquid N

    do you use liquid N on your haylage / hay fields or is it best to use a compound like 20.10.10 ?
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    liquid N

    do you use liquid N on your haylage / hay fields or is it best to use a compound like 20.10.10 ?
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    red tractor portal

    is this a better way of doing the assessment online ?
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    css 2021

    so far I've steered clear of any of these schemes are they worth going into now or is it best to wait for elms ?
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    sfi and elms

    help with infrastructer is apparently one of the ways we are going to be helped going forward , i wonder if that means help funding new sheds etc ? be a bit annoying if you'd just put one up wouldn't it !
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    Stamp duty

    What happens nowadays if you’re purchasing land and barns for conversion ? Is it still zero for 1st £500000
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    Attention landlords

    Rents will have to fall ! George useless just said it , when bps goes rents will have to fall in order for farming to remain profitable 🙄sorted then 👍
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    Ground source

    Is it feasible to power a 1000t grain store drying shed purely on ground source heat pumps ?
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    Anybody got any aphids on wheats yet ?
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    Dump trailer

    I’ve got a 8 t digger on rubber tracks and I’m looking for a dump trailer that will double up as a transporter for it as well any ideas ?
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    Foreign objects

    Found these fairly easy in my bought wheat seed yesterday. Looks like barley and ergot to me ?
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    Ag bill

    Are we any nearer with any out come with this ? Talk of getting 7years bps , assingning tenancies etc .
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    May hay

    Grass not quite ready but nearly it would be a shame to miss this dry weather tempted to cut for hay this week
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    S barley

    Is it wise to put shortner on s Barley it’s growing well but it’s been and is forecast to stay dry for a while yet ?
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    Any benifits on backward osr ?
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    Can’t find tff on App Store on new phone ?
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    White House farm

    Is it still a working farm ?
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    The water wash for windows is escaping underneath somewhere on this machine before it gets to windows anyone had this before and give me a clue which way to look ?
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    Bulk propane

    Anyone priced any lately ?